Common method of Chinese medicine treatment of cancer

By | January 2, 2012

Chinese medicine believes that the tumor is in the role of internal and external factors, so that the body, or qi stagnation and blood stasis or phlegm Results wet-together, or hot toxic intrinsic, or internal organs disorders, blood deficiency, or resistance caused by silt meridian. For different pathogenesis, common methods of Chinese medicine treatment of cancer are the following.
One common method of Chinese medicine treatment of cancer, promoting blood circulation method
The method is applicable to blood stasis symptom of cancer patients. Tri drugs are often used, I surgery, fructus Hanako, acuminata, leaving the line sub, Zeeland, Dan, Salvia, sub-acute h, Extension wood, pretty spot, falling real incense, hematoxylin, ghost feather arrows, red flowers, peach, water, shake, shed spider, Wulingzhi, frankincense, Clematis, madder and so on. Modern medical study found that most of these drugs can inhibit experimental tumor growth.
Second, heat detoxification methods
Intrinsic tumor patients appear toxic heat, heat of cremation, swollen knot toxic silt, it can provide heat detoxification. Tonkinensis drugs are often used, Aescin "flower sticks, three from the grass, day Kuizi, soil were Ling, Feng Wei grass, cattle Fangzi, stone Parker, diffusa, Solanum nigrum, rhubarb, rubescens , Rumex, cactus, Duchesnea indica, barbata, farmers lucky, Lo sets Zhongjiefeng, Sophora, Tephroseridinae, Huang Ling, silence, Galium aparine, dandelion, Brucea javanica, wild chrysanthemum, big business, small business, Bidens, Houttuynia, Lithospermum, shepherd's purse, Andrographis, Cephalotaxus, leaves, bezoar, Polygonum and so on. Studies have shown that heat antidote, there are many drugs inhibit or kill tumor cells containing ingredients, such as tonkinensis, Paris polyphylla, diffusa ~ rubescens, Scutellaria barbata, Cephalotaxus and so on.

Three common methods of Chinese medicine treatment of cancer, Endometriosis method
Endometriosis is a common method of treatment of cancer, it can play the role of softening and dissipation of mass. Prunella commonly used drugs, Dioscorea bulbifera, mountain mushrooms, palms son, Pinellia, TCS, melon baskets, kelp, Araceae, male spider, algae, silkworm, honey locust thorns, almonds, Aristolochia, aggregata, soil Fritillaria, L., Xiao Yin Hong, etc.
Fourth, fire with fire law
This method is use of toxic drugs, with the mass dissipation, reduce and stop pain and the role of O commonly used drugs have all insects, Strychnos, Oncorhynchus, gecko, entertainment, clams, looking crisp, Hook, Garcinia, periwinkle, garlic, realgar, two needles, cocklebur grass, hives and so on. Current from the forward-looking cakes, periwinkle extract the active ingredients, made preparations for clinical medicine.
Fifth, dampness by Water Act
This method is mainly applied to cancer patients Tanning wet poly Syndrome. Commonly used drugs were Ling, Polyporus, Ze paint, wood-pass, bamboo, stone reed, gourd, lobelia, Alisma, stone went through the car before the horse side of the grass, capillaris rich and so on.
Six common method of Chinese medicine treatment of cancer, righting training law
The tumor itself and the side effects of various treatments, patients often appear weak, lack of righteousness. Centralizer and therefore training has become the treatment of cancer of the law of one of the important. The governing law either as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgical adjuvant therapy to improve physical function, reduce toxicity, or in the recovery period to help restore the body to prevent recurrence and metastasis, can play an important role. Study found that most of the righting of the drug culture has to improve immune function and anti-tumor effects. Extracted from the individual drugs active ingredients, such as lentinan, Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides, such as the immune agent has been used in clinical treatment. The drugs are often used ginseng, Codonopsis, Acanthopanax, Huang Ying, the Senate notoginseng, figs, heterophylla, Schisandra, Court silk son, Mahonia, son arrested worship, Lily, Polygonatum, Xue Li fruit , cotton root, Atractylodes, Cordyceps sinensis, Epimedium, the system parasitic, psoralen, Rehmannia, Angelica, from Gou, Radix, aspartate, Ligustrum lucidum, turtle shell, turtle shell, Millettia, Ganoderma lucidum, Coriolus versicolor, mushrooms, melon surgery, Hericium, beans, white fungus, sea cucumbers.

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