The principles of cancer surgery

By | November 2, 2011

Tumors, which is the surgical treatment of benign basic can be cured after surgery, to be malignant, surgery is the preferred treatment, especially in the tumor early and middle stages, significant effect of surgery, tumor surgery has the following main principles points:
The principle of tumor surgery (1) must be based on the exact pathological diagnosis and clinical manifestations choose the type of surgery, and the need before and after surgery with other treatment methods.
The principle of tumor surgery (2) shall be carefully selected surgical indications, resection of the tumor sub-features a wide range of surgery, wound large, mostly elderly patients, often accompanied by complications, poor general condition, operative risk is high.
The principle of tumor surgery (3) accurately estimate the tumor stage of development, choose the best surgical approach, the tumor is limited by the early local, smaller, a body good, good surgical treatment; tumors have a certain medium-term development of the local ordinary, and many have regional lymph node metastasis, patients physique is good, surgery can also receive a certain effect; advanced cancer, and more Ji regional lymph node metastasis, the indication for surgery is not curative, palliative surgery can do to alleviate the symptoms and relieve suffering, and for the future create the conditions for radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

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