After-care of tumor surgery

By | November 2, 2011

Weak constitutions of tumor after surgery, the recovery will take some time training, after-care measures for cancer surgery are the following:
Tumor after surgery care (a) cancer patients after anesthesia care
(1) after anesthesia should be supine, head to one side, keep the airway open. Mucus accumulation, it is timely suction. Oxygen during hypoxia in a timely manner; the timely removal of the mouth after vomiting vomit, anti-aspiration. Close observation of blood pressure, pulse and respiration.
(2) pillow supine spinal anesthesia to 6 hours, attention to blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and to observe the disappearance of anesthesia cases and lower limb activity, attention after spinal anesthesia per headache, nausea, vomiting.
After-care of tumor surgery (b) nursing posture cancer patients after surgery
Anesthesia regained consciousness, according to the surgical site to take appropriate supine, neck, chest, abdomen, pots and other parts were removed and half sit position, to facilitate drainage. After brain child, take the first high-foot low venous return conducive to the head, to prevent increased intracranial pressure and cerebral edema. Limb surgery and should be Taigaohuanzhi generally supine. Choice position, we should distinguish between primary and secondary, on balance, be adjusted according to the disease. No matter what position should pay attention to the patient's comfort and safety.
After-care of tumor surgery (c) the care of various drainage tube
Drainage is one of the basic skills of surgical treatment, tumor wide range of radical resection, patients are required to place the drainage, such as pleural drainage, peritoneal drainage, drainage after lymph node dissection, gastrointestinal decompression, catheterization, etc., the correct drainage can reduce the incidence and spread of infection, is conducive to the healing anastomosis. Nurse regular observation, squeezing drainage tube, to maintain its smooth, to prevent clogging or drainage tube is pushed, twisted, etc., to observe and accurately record the drainage of fluid color, nature and content. Drainage tube to be properly fixed, the length of moderate to patients are free to turn over in bed activities, easy to pull out as the standard.
Tumor after surgery care (d) pharmacy with pain
Anesthetic effects of tumor disappeared after surgery, the patient incision pain, the nurses provide timely pain medication prescribed to relieve pain.
(E) Nursing incision
(1) rectal cancer patients should be observed perineal incision bleeding, exudate situation, any change dressings, keep dry. Application massive abdominal wound closure tape.
(2) on the line of flap surgery patients need to observe the flap color, temperature, such as pale or bruising, local wet should be a timely manner.
(3) General sterile wound dressings should be observed in Yuan bleeding, falling, kept clean and dry.
(F) care after eating
Normal fasting cancer patients after surgery, from intravenous nutrition. After fasting, to eat by mouth, should be encouraged to eat early in order to digest, nutritious diet based, generally smaller meals, stomach, intestine surgery, bowel sounds to be restored before the exhaust can be automatically eating, usually by the liquid diet and gradually increase colostomy thin mouth open, you can slag into the liquid diet or less food, avoid too much fiber and catharsis Food, Eat and easy gas production ignorant of the easy food At the same time to help patients explore the dietary laws, to develop regular bowel habits.
After-care of tumor surgery (seven) early ambulation
After Yuan taboo activities can be started early, early events can breath and cough up respiratory secretions benefit the prevention of pulmonary complications, and promote bowel movements, reduce bloating, preventing intestinal adhesion, may also increase appetite, promote blood circulation, promote wound healing, to avoid venous thrombosis.

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