How to choose chemotherapy tumor

By | November 2, 2011

Cancer is a complex, intractable disease, because it took place and the result of the mechanism and the link is very much involved, therefore, to recognize each patient's condition is not easy, treatment should be targeted, we must seriously consider a good treatment. On the other hand, chemotherapy treatment for cancer have a good effect, but the chemotherapy drugs also have strong side effects, and chemotherapeutic drugs each have their own characteristics, exist between various chemotherapeutic drugs or synergistic or antagonistic effect. Together with a variety of chemotherapy drugs, used well, is the brother of one mind, their benefits cut through metal, used well, it is possible to a boy is a boy, two boys boy, three boys no boy, on the contrary 'd greatly harm the human body. So, whether starting from the illness or departure from the drugs, are sure to choose to develop one or a few good programs.How to choose which of cancer chemotherapy?
First of all, according to the pathological diagnosis and staging of the patient. Pathological cell types of different sensitivity to different chemotherapy drugs, different staging determines different therapeutic purposes, it is clear to choose the different drugs and doses;
How to choose the second cancer chemotherapy, according to the tumor cell division cycle because of chemotherapy drugs is divided into two categories, one called the cell cycle-specific drugs, a class of drugs called non-specific cell cycle. The two medicines have their own different characteristics, the combination of the two organic medicines, the role of the effect is augmented by the cells for different time periods from the killing effect of the maximum;
How to choose the three cancer chemotherapy, according to the patient's body to choose chemotherapy drugs;
How to choose four cancer chemotherapy, the addition of chemotherapy chemosensitivity of appropriate drugs and the prevention of chemotherapy side effects, such as antiemetic, anti-allergy;
How to choose five cancer chemotherapy, chemotherapy regimen should be considered while the patient's economic situation.

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