The efficacy of surgical treatment of pancreatic cancer

By | October 25, 2011

Surgical therapy for pancreatic cancer surgery. Surgical treatment of tumors present radical surgery is still the first choice, although 5-year survival rate after surgery is not high, foreign statistics between the O-18%, overall prognosis is poor, but with the diagnostic techniques, including imaging technology, testing technology, and the continuous improvement of early diagnosis and radical surgical treatment, the effect of surgery increased.
Radical resection of pancreatic cancer can not be feasible to reduce or relieve biliary drainage in obstructive yellow disease. Surgical therapy of pancreatic cancer, as well as pain relief, can be bilateral retroperitoneal visceral ganglion around the 95% ethanol injection, destruction of nerve, to achieve the pain relief effect.
Surgical therapy of pancreatic cancer, is currently being studied in the process of comprehensive treatment options include surgery preoperative radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery and postoperative radiotherapy, chemotherapy, some of these comprehensive measures to improve the condition of patients with inoperable, to be operative removal, or improve the therapeutic effect of surgical resection, but there is no established effective treatment.

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