Post-operative care of pancreatic cancer diet

By | October 25, 2011

Pancreatic cancer after surgery on the digestive system and endocrine system has a great impact, because the pancreatic secretory function of regulating blood glucose and nutrients play an important role in the decomposition. So care needs of pancreatic cancer patients pay more attention to diet: diet after pancreatic cancer care, patients try to feed themselves as the main nutritional source of energy to ensure adequate and balanced nutrition.
Diet after pancreatic cancer care, adequate nutrition or not evaluating the easiest way is to monitor body weight, maintaining body weight can decrease or a slight increase in the basis of ensuring adequate nutrition, proper control of lipid and protein intake, over- much fat and protein intake will increase the burden on the pancreas, causing indigestion and diarrhea.Pancreatic cancer surgery diet care, food intake of starch to glucose test results as a reference index, if the blood sugar level is always normal, you can not intentionally control the intake of starch. If the total blood glucose level fluctuations, or the control of blood glucose levels in the normal range after not guarantee sufficient energy, then you need under the guidance of professional doctors in the use of exogenous membrane island has always been control of blood glucose, and explore the use of individual programs .

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