Cancer pain intervention is

By | October 25, 2011

Cancer intervention generally do not need general anesthesia, most patients can do to meet the treatment needs of local anesthesia. You may find it strange? A variety of guide wire and catheter deep into the human body, but not the need for general anesthesia? We are in the "Journey to the West" have all read in, the Monkey King in order to borrow palm-leaf fan, got into the princess of the stomach, the pain unbearable to get Princess Iron Fan, and finally to hand over the palm-leaf fan obediently. Why does not require general anesthesia for interventional treatment of it?Cancer intervention is pain?
Cancer intervention is pain? This is because different parts of the body's sensitivity to different stimuli is not the same. The skin is very sensitive person feels an organization, which distributed its large number of sensory nerve endings, which is characterized by a variety of stimuli, such as cutting, acupuncture and other very sensitive; and distribution of the visceral blood vessels inside the nerve endings, It is not sensitive to stimulation in general; In addition, we now use the guide wire and catheter surface plastic coating, the top and they are specially treated surface can be well protected blood vessels, so they walk through time in the blood vessels , the body will not feel pain. Commonly used local anesthetic procaine 2% or 2% lidocaine 5 – 10 ml, the selected puncture site (eg, groin) did the skin, subcutaneous tissue layer by layer anesthesia.Cancer intervention is pain, until pain disappeared immediately after puncture of local blood vessels. Throughout the intervention process, there was a slight pain in addition to anesthesia, the catheter, guide wire into the vessel after the intervention in patients with cancer will not feel pain.

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