The dialectical treatment of cervical cancer

By | April 30, 2012

The dialectical treatment of cervical cancer, cervical cancer shall Differential Treatment of local and systemic symptoms, comprehensive analysis, organically combined, according to Evils rise and fall, internal organs to treat the actual situation.
(1) Liver Qi stagnation
Main symptoms: Xiong Xie fullness, upset irritability, lower abdomen pain, mouth pain, dry throat, short yellow urine, dry stool, thin tongue, pulse string. Associated with contact bleeding, the color of fresh non-block, taken off the color yellow. Early course biased.
Governing Law: Liver qi, cooling blood detoxification.
Recipe: Xiaoyaosan "and agents Bureau" addition and subtraction. Angelica peony root 9g Bupleurum 15g 15g 15g Poria Atractylodes paeonol 6g 12g 25g Zhigancao Gardenia 9g. Day one, Shuijianbi.
Fang Yi: side to Chaihushugan Jieyu King and medicine, Angelica, white peony root nourishing Rougan as minister drugs, accompanied by Atractylodes, Poria Spleen wet; Zhigancao Qi fill in the relief of acute liver to make medicine. Jiadan Pi, gardenia to enhance the cooling power of Liver.
Modified: blood red, hot like the obvious, could add barbata 30g, snake tongue grass from the flower 30g, Chine 30g, 20g habitat cooling blood detoxification.
(2) hot and humid type Ecchymosis
Main symptoms: vaginal discharge Chibai or red, or such as rice oil, smells fishy, the amount of vaginal bleeding, multi-color stasis, pain in lower abdomen fall, Yaoxie pain or tingling, scanty dark urine, constipation, dark tongue, yellow coating or the greasy, slippery pulse number or string. This type of cervical cancer more common in local necrosis ulceration, secondary infection.
Governing law: heat dampness, toxic stasis.
Recipe: Long Dan Xie Gan "The medical Annals" addition and subtraction. Gardenia Gentian 9g 12g 12g skullcap Alisma Plantago 12g 12g 15g wood angelica 12g 6g Rehmanniae Bupleurum 9g Health licorice 6g. Day one, Shuijianbi.
Fang Yi: side to gentian Xiehuo dehumidification King and medicine, Scutellaria, Gardenia purging fire to minister to help the bitter cold medicine gentian, Alisma, Akebia, Plantago clearing heat and dampness adjuvant, Bupleurum cited people of various drugs by the liver and gallbladder to make medicine.
Modified: pain and bleeding were significantly added with Agrimony, Smilax glabra, Curcuma cooling methods such as sputum.
(3) liver-kidney
Main symptoms: dizziness, tinnitus, dizziness, dry mouth, weak waist, hand, foot and heart heat, disturbed sleep soundly the night, constipation, red urine. The amount of multi-color red vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge, yellow, or if block. Red tongue, little coating, pulse string.
Governing Law: nourish liver and kidney, detoxification Yu Yin.
Recipe: Zhibai Dihuang Wan, "Pediatric drug card straight tactic" addition and subtraction. Rehmannia Chinese yam 20g 20g 15g Cornus paeonol Alisma 15g 12g 12g Poria 25g Zhimu Treats 12g. Day one, Shuijianbi.
Yi Fang: Fang Yin King and medicine with Rehmannia ney, dogwood, yam Kidney kidney drugs for the minister, accompanied by diarrhea kidney Alisma Jiangzhuo, Dan Cornel diarrhea with anger, Poria spleen wet with seepage yam, Anemarrhena , Treats Kidney purging fire, nourish the liver and kidney were played, Yin Jiang Huo achievements.
Modified: Hot as significant persons, plus grass river vehicles, such as cooling blood detoxification arrowhead mountain.
(4), spleen and kidney yang
Main symptoms: Shenpi fatigue, weak waist, urine bulge, poor appetite fatigue, vaginal Qingxi and more, the amount of vaginal bleeding more than pale, dry stool after the first sugar, fat tongue, white coating run, and weak pulse.
Governing Law: Spleen Wenshen, Bu Zhong Yi Qi.
Recipe: Gui Wan ("Jing Yue Quan Shu"), addition and subtraction. Rehmannia structure 24g yam l2g dogwood l2g handle l2g cinnamon Angelica Dodder l2g Lujiaojiao l2g Eucommia l2g 1 of aconite 9g. Day one, Shuijianbi.
Yi Fang: Fang cinnamon, aconite, Lujiaojiao warming yang, fill complement fine pulp King and medicine, combined with Rehmannia, cornus, Chinese yam, Dodder, wolfberry fruit, Eucommia Yin and Yang Shen, Dangguibuxue Liver, played a total of kidney yang, to receive training and fill in fine blood Meta kidney yang effect.
Modified: Spleen worse, plus ginseng qi and spleen. Vaginal discharge and more, could increase with psoralen, Duan keel, only with oysters Wenshen Guse.
The dialectical treatment of cervical cancer, drug addition and subtraction of various types of observation is often:
Leukorrhagia more than: Oral decoction with raw keel, oysters 25g, herb 20g, cuttlebone 30g.
Bleeding: Ginseng 3g, Tianqi 6g, or Yunnanbaiyao weeping, blunt. Decoction added Agrimony 30g, thistle carbon 20g, Burnet carbon 9g, donkey-hide gelatin 9g, Motherwort 20g, Health Astragalus l5g, pepper 3g.
Abdominal pain more than: peony root 20g, licorice 6g, celandine 30g, Yuan Hu l2g, dried toad skin 9g.

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