The dialectic of ovarian cancer to treating

By | May 2, 2012

(1) blood stasis type
Main symptoms: lower abdomen mass, rigid fixation, abdominal distension and pain or tingling, night Tong Shen, minimalist looking, skin a mistake, emaciation, dark purple tongue with petechiae, petechiae, pulse small astringent or thin string.
Governing Law: qi and blood circulation, Ruanjian disease.
Recipe: San phaeocaulis ("Tai Ping Sheng Hui Fang") addition and subtraction. Angelica Citrus aurantium peach wood turtle Bupleurum the l5g Guixin triangular amber Radix 9g each 10g rhubarb nut 3 to 4 tablets or surgery l2g. Day one, Shuijianbi.
Yi Fang: Fang to Curcuma, triangular, broken turtle plot Stasis King and medicine; Citrus aurantium, betel nuts, Guixin, incense, and other patients to help Tong Yu and Qi Gong as a minister of the drug; rhubarb break junction pass under the red Shao, Angelica, Bupleurum nourishing blood, and in a total of Satsukai. Add peach, amber and the power to help blood circulation.
Addition and Subtraction: severe pain, abdominal distention, add Toosendan 10g, Corydalis 20g, Fructus Hanako l5g; deficiency Yin injured, plus Panax 9g, Codonopsis 15g, Radix 20g, Rehmannia l5g; bloating, abdominal large those who like a drum, plus Tai Fupi l2g, TSN 9g, plantain 20g.
(2) phlegm cohesive
Main symptoms: bulging lower abdomen fullness or palpable mass, thirsty to drink less, face virtual edema, body tired and weak, diffuse yellow then dry, pale or red tongue, greasy tongue coating, slippery pulse.
Governing Law: spleen dampness, Huatanruanjianpian.
Recipe: Dao Tan Tang ("Chi Sheng Fang") addition and subtraction. Codonopsis Poria 20g Tri Ezhu the l5g Citrus aurantium Citrus gall Southern Star the 10g raw Pinellia Atractylodes l2g Cyperus 6g 9g ginger 3. Day one, Shuijianbi.
Fang Yi: The Erchen spleen dampness phlegm King and medicine, plus Cyperus rotundus, ginger temperature of qi and phlegm, Tri, Ezhu blood circulation to help Endometriosis, various drugs to achieve the spleen dampness, of The role of sputum Ruanjian.
Modified: Shaofu hard by mass, plus turtle l5g, pangolin l5g, frankincense 6g, myrrh 6g, arrowhead mountain 10g, Prunella 15g; body tired fatigue severe, plus Atractylodes l5g, Astragalus l5g; dry hard stool Results were secret, plus rhubarb 10g, pock Ren 15g, white peony root l5g.
(3) heat poison junction
Main symptoms: sleepiness body weight, abdominal distension over a block lower abdomen pain and more drama, dry mouth and do not want to drink hard, dry stool, urine hot, colored vaginal discharge, the tongue is dark, thick and greasy or yellow greasy fur, slippery pulse string or slippery.
Governing law: heat dampness, detoxification Sanjie.
Recipe: Self-dehumidification detoxification Sanjie soup. Patrinia Solanum turtle Toosendan 15g 10g each plantain Dianthus superbus Scutellaria barbata Scutellaria diffusa Dandelion each of the 12g 20g Da Fupi l2g. Day one, Shuijianbi.
Yi Fang: Fang to Patrinia, diffusa, Scutellaria barbata, Solanum nigrum, skullcap, dandelion, etc. King and drug detoxification; plantain, Dianthus superbus, Da Fupi to help detoxification and other dampness supplemented mixture of turtle shell, such as Endometriosis Toosendan qi. Sharing a heat dampness on the drug, detoxification Sanjie role.
Modified: Sheng those toxic heat, add honeysuckle, lobelia the 15g, Hedyotis diffusa, dandelion each added to 30g; ascites, plus Poria 20g, Polyporus 25g, Alisma 15g.
(4) qi and blood deficiency type
Main symptoms: abdominal pain, rain, or the lower abdomen mass, with weight loss, fatigue, white face Shen Juan, palpitations, gas, moving the sweating, poor appetite, dry mouth, drink little, pink tongue, thready and weak pulse, a large non-virtual roots.
Governing Law: qi and blood, nourish liver and kidney.
Recipe: Ginseng Yang Rong Tang ("and the agent the Council") addition and subtraction.
Chuanxiong Ginseng Astragalus Atractylodes peony root 15g of the 20g of the dried tangerine peel Rehmannia Polygala Schisandra glabra licorice 10g 5g of the jujube 30g. Day one, Shuijianbi.

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