The etiology of ovarian cancer

By | May 2, 2012

Etiology of ovarian cancer, ovarian cancer (malignancy of ovary) of the female common malignant tumors 2.4% _5. 5%. The incidence of inferior cervical and endometrial cancer, but high mortality, ranking first in the common gynecological malignancies. The histological type of complex, early diagnosis is difficult, the overall 5-year survival rate around 50%.
Malignant ovarian tumors of unknown etiology, the pathogenesis of the following factors may be:
Cause of ovarian cancer (1) reproduction: infertility or baby vibration and use of fewer drugs, ovulation of ovarian cancer can increase the risk. The full-term baby vibration on the incidence of ovarian cancer has a clear protective effect, some studies also found no increase in the number of full baby vibration can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.
(2) the impact of menstruation: the party slightly increase the risk of postmenopausal age, the risk of ovarian cancer, but it seems to have little effect; most of the studies did not find that early menarche is a risk factor, although some studies suggest that this is a weak risk factor.
(3) the role of exogenous hormones: long-term oral contraceptives can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. In contrast, hormone replacement therapy after menopause may increase cancer risk.
(4) dietary factors: multi-fat diet increases the risk of disease, and vitamins, fiber, fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk.
Cause of ovarian cancer (5) genetic factors: in most cases, genetic factors (polygenic inheritance) is the interaction with environmental factors lead to cancer. About 5% -10% of patients with ovarian cancer in first degree relatives of the family suffered from ovarian cancer, and hereditary ovarian cancer syndrome (HOeS) family of women suffering from ovarian cancer as high as 20%, and increased with age increased risk of illness.

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