Rehabilitation care of ovarian cancer

By | May 2, 2012

Rehabilitation care of ovarian cancer, ovarian cancer is the reproductive system, one of the most common malignant tumor, the early symptoms of many obvious, easily misdiagnosed. Early ovarian cancer often receive treatment after a positive long-term survival; advanced ovarian cancer in the Chinese medicine-based Integrative Medicine, is also often get a more satisfactory results. In addition to early detection, early treatment, the impact of prognostic factors of ovarian cancer is recurrence and metastasis, for which Chinese medicine treatment has some advantages. TCM Differential Treatment enables survival in patients with ovarian cancer, quality of life improved.
Nursed back to health is essential to the rehabilitation of daily life: in medicine, disease, drug therapy is important, but usually nursed back to health and illness is more important. Such as "chapter of Plain Questions ancient naive," said "is to ask the Heavenly Master said: I heard on the Gu Zhiren, Spring and Autumn are a hundred degrees, and the action is not bad, this time the people, and the action of fifties who are bad, when different world yeah? people miss is not? Qi Bo answered: the Guzhi Ren, who he knows, France in the yin and yang, and in astrology, food drink with restraint, living there often do not make any rash of labor, it can be shaped with God all, and best of all his later years, is going a hundred degrees. "Again, he said" When a man even under the ancient sages taught, all that evil thieves of the virtual wind, to avoid the sometimes, tranquil and empty, infuriating from it, keep within the spirit , patient safety has never been?. "discussed the focus on the spirit usually nursed back to health, adequate exercise and exercise, daily diet, can prolong illnesses and died later years.
life care: psychological care, help patients relieve fear, tension, fear, disappointment and other negative state of mind, and guide the forgotten disease, ease of mind, to better cater for the various treatments. Sometimes living, proper exercise, or do Qigong to adjust the body and mind. Perineal area to keep clean, especially the urethra to prevent infection.
diet nursing: Ovarian cancer treatment diet during or after treatment care is very important. Rich in nutrients can promote physical rehabilitation, color, smell, taste and taste can stimulate the appetite. The patient can not remember or do not eat eclipse. If necessary, can be 2 to 3 meals a day to Eat small meals, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, etc., do not eat rotten food. Diet therapy possible conditions permit, is conducive to diseases.
Diet formulations are commonly used: sunflower sunny: sunflower tray 2, medlar 30, 10 walnut meat, pork 30g, spices amount. Wash all flavor, pork slices. The medlar, walnut meat, pork slices on a tray placed on the sunflower, add spices, one steamer steamed. 1 day, eating soup. This shall only apply to ovarian cancer, those with soft waist and desolate.
Ginkgo squid: squid meat 60g, ginkgo 10, spices amount. Two taste Wash the wok, add water, amount. Cook until the rotten meat, add seasoning Serve. 1 day, taking the soup. Physically weak persons for ovarian cancer.
Tieshu YE KM: iron leaves 200g, jujube 10. Two people taste Wash the pot, add water, amount, boiling juice. 1 day, 3 times service, 30 for a course of treatment. For ovarian cancer with bleeding.
Snail soup: 50 snails, lean pork 10 6g, spices amount. Thin slices of pork, snails wash. Two taste the wok, add water, amount, cooked, add spices Serve. Ovarian cancer, chronic illness and Hot are suitable.
Boiled eggs Motherwort: Motherwort 50g, eggs 2. Motherwort washed and cut, and cook eggs, add water, eggs cooked peeled eggs cook for a moment to take Serve. 1 day, eating eggs Yin Tang. Appropriate for ovarian cancer associated with blood deficiency.
psychiatric nursing: to encourage patients to establish the confidence to battle cancer, and establish future life goals. In which patients believe that a good attitude can help themselves to overcome the mental pressure and tangles, in which patients make the body from the spirit to fight cancer, to achieve targets of preparation, make a speedy recovery.
Ovarian cancer rehabilitation care to explain clearly to patients, the treatment of ovarian cancer by active and aggressive with treatment, is long-term survival. Data show that there are life goals, have a good attitude, the body organ function, immune function is active on the anti-cancer benefit.

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