TCM treatment of brain tumors

By | April 29, 2012

TCM treatment of brain tumors, new progress TCM treatment of intracranial tumors Although surgical excision, but there are larger distances from the completely radical, higher levels of some malignant tumors, such as glial cell tumors , because The growth of more irregular, ambiguous and multi-derived growth boundary, so surgical resection is difficult to clean, the cure rate is low recurrence rate, surgical and non-surgical therapy results are not satisfactory. There are some special parts of the tumor element surgery, and the effect of chemotherapy and poor, traditional Chinese medicine can play in this area of its expertise.
Young, etc. to law marks, swelling, Sanjie purposive self-ping tumor recurrence mixture in treatment of intracranial glioma cases, the main drugs six snakes Valley, Denon, water holding, JII test, Tri, I surgery, kelp, Prunella, with a total effective rate was 72%, five-year survival rate was 32.2%, the NK cell activity before and after treatment, TNF, PR, ERFR, LTR contrast was found significantly improved after treatment (P
Brain tumors of Chinese and Western therapy, Integrative Medicine and more use of joint conventional therapy (chemotherapy, radiotherapy), such as VM-26 with ten MeCCNU and TCM treatment of glioblastoma combination with chemotherapy compared to a significant difference (P <0.05). Mitsui Shigen Japanese scholars received radiation therapy for brain tumor patients 6 (radiation amount of 40 _ 60Gy) given Shiquandabutang (7.5g / d), delivery time about 6 months, the results show that the radiation given at the time Shiquandabu Tang Duiyan long survival time effective. Paclitaxel has anti-tumor and radiosensitizing effect for three-dimensional X-knife radiotherapy combined with paclitaxel in the treatment of recurrent glioblastoma multiforme tumor (GBM) has achieved initial success. Chinese intervention in the treatment of intracranial tumors are also constantly exploring, such as arterial puncture and injection of Xue and so exhausted after the injection of blood-brain barrier opening millet BCUN alkali treatment of malignant glioma, an open-brain barrier with mannitol significantly reduced side effects compared, and without increasing the drug concentration in the brain at the same time, increasing the concentration of the drug within the tumor, is considered a simple, safe and effective treatment. By Hou and other multi-point injection transcranial puncture technique of Chinese medicine extract my elemene, Local administration of intracystic injection, also showed a good therapeutic prospects.
TCM treatment of brain tumors, brain tumor mechanism of traditional Chinese medicine has made some progress, such as elemene (Elemene) it not only as a cytotoxic drugs on tumor cells have a direct killing effect, but also in the anti- in tumor still have immunomodulatory effects, can directly kill G422 glioma cells to necrosis and increasing the body IL-2, TNF levels, enhance the body's T cells to anti-tumor immune function of the role of the inhibition mechanism mainly from the S phase arrest of tumor cells into the G2-M phase, inhibit the proliferation and quickly lead to apoptosis. Some people use ginseng past and interleukin-2CIL-2) synergistically induced human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) into GS-LAK cells and LAK cells compared with the results showed that GS-LAK effector cell number and in proliferation killer cell activity in malignant glioma were better than LAK cells, and reduce the amount of IL-2 for immunotherapy of malignant glioma a foundation.

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