Rehabilitation nursing of brain tumor

By | April 29, 2012

Rehabilitation nursing of brain tumors, the prognosis of rehabilitation treatment of intracranial tumors is closely related to their pathology, early diagnosis, early treatment and to take reasonable treatment is to improve the key to survival and quality of life. In intracranial tumors, malignant glioma the degree according to their specific differences in the natural course of the disease generally ranging from 1 year 3 months postoperative recurrence rate is very high.
Brain stem tumors because of its anatomical specificity, although it is directed to carry out a CT laser surgery, microsurgery, so that surgical treatment of brain stem made a breakthrough, but some patients in relieving symptoms, there is still a high recurrence rate. By modulating Chinese medicine, combined with functional training, psychological therapy can significantly improve the quality of life and prolong survival, mainly in the following areas:
(1) fill in myeloid against recurrent kidney: _ Lingshu Sea of "that" the brain is sea of marrow ", Qing Wang Qing-ren" medical Lin Correction, "also said," essence of the Qing Dynasty who, for the sake of marrow, the brain from the spine upward, it is called brain, Sheng brain, it is called sea of marrow. "while the kidney are the main bone marrow, so the treatment of marrow disease, when kidney filled with marrow, usually optional Six Mei Huang Wan, go balls left side, the use of timely, according to the specific situation of patients, or to yang, or to be blood, the wet method of the goods. Modern medicine proved Huang, Huang Jing, Eclipta prostrata, Wan silk son, yam, Ganoderma lucidum, etc. can increase the ratio of T lymphocytes, Loranthaceae, Radix, son arrested worship, Ligustrum lucidum, habitat, Epimedium, which are to promote lymphatic cell transformation functions.
(2) Anti-tone photo recurrent health: cancer patients are more physical and more weakness, easy sense of evil, it should change with the temperature change in a timely manner of clothing, the room should pay attention to ventilation, attention should be regular life.
Emotions, Believing, impassioned Although the changes have focused on the damage of the dirty, but on the heart are averaged, and the heart and brain and are closely linked, so any negative feelings are not conducive to cancer rehabilitation; close relationship between the kidneys and the brain, anxiety, fear, and kidneys, the nephron by the limb, medullary dollars to students, will accelerate the brain tumor recurrence or metastasis. "Via" the cloud "Tian Hui nothing … … keep within the spirit" is to maintain the spirit of a happy, optimistic, full of faith, despair or impatience to overcome the psychological anxiety, strengthen the confidence will be able to overcome the disease.
Transfer food, nutritious, more than the physical because of poor cancer patients, reduced capacity spleen and stomach, so food should not be too much, too much food is not digestible saturated fatty Atsumi of the goods, the rich should pay attention to intake of protein, amino acids, high vitamin foods, there must be enough heat; also choose some help detoxification and detoxification of foods such as mung bean, red bean, melon, watermelon, cabbage, cauliflower, cabbage and other bulbs.
Rehabilitation nursing of brain tumors, strong body, and by righteousness, the patient should be based on their own illness, physical and exercise tolerance to choose the appropriate methods, such as qigong, tai chi, health, gymnastics, walking, jogging, Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Cao , Wu Qin Xi and so on. "Xunzi Day of" that "keep moving equipment, then the days can not be sick," Watson said, "… … shake the Valley angry consumption, blood flow, patients may not students, Pi still a door hinge, the final immortal "This can not only functional but also in the spirit of good conditioning can play a role, can enhance physical fitness, conditioning blood, balancing yin and yang, and the function of organs, so as to achieve the purpose of righting.

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