Brain Tumor Symptoms Care

By | April 30, 2012

Brain tumor symptom care (1) epileptic seizures lame: servant suddenly faint, unconscious, body pumping beat or vibration, throat phlegm or vomit Xianmo, interictal like ordinary people, more than a headache, dizziness, chest tightness, good sign of extended less so. If the attacks of facial flushing, purple or pale purple and then, clenching of teeth, hand, foot and pumping beat, throats of phlegm or spit Xianmo heavy, red tongue, yellow greasy moss or mortar greasy slide by a few strings or string as a positive pain, should be heat phlegm, put out, the wind and pain, with heat Anticonvulsant soup, may be lame to take pills; if the attack looking dull complexion, cold limbs, but lying Juji or vibration, smoke when sowing hair, vomit Xian Mo, or just stay wood showed ignorance, do not smell gone, do not move without a word, the tongue is pale, thick and greasy white coating, the pulse was thin or sink later, the pain of this card is yin, yang Chu Tan Zhiyi, temperament gas and pain, to use five pills to Erchen delivery service. Clinically, many with only recover from illness Tongluo Xifeng all mortgages, frog clams, silkworm, etc. to enhance the effect.
Brain tumor symptom Care (2) hemiplegia: Zheng Jian limbs can not be independent activities, decreased muscle strength, and some partial numbness in the body, rather then feeling completely lost. Contact resistance due to rheumatism hospital accompanied by nausea and more poor appetite, weight of the body tired, headache, dizziness, or at district nickname saliva and more optional Banxiabaizhutianma Decoction; for yin, wind phlegm on the disturbing clip, meridian dystrophy are usually more common vertigo, tinnitus, dizziness, less sleep and more dreams, backache Tuiruan, walk consciously top-heavy, multi-ring associated with eye and mouth oblique, speech unfavorable treatment should nourish liver and kidney, Xifeng Tong Luo, optional town Xifeng liver soup or drink Liver scattered wind; for marks of blood stasis are usually visible headaches such as acupuncture, pain has given place, or dark purple tongue marks spot, tongue thickening context to Buyanghuanwu Tonga reduction.
Brain tumor symptom care, (3) coma: vague consciousness, unconscious, and more from the brain due to eggplant, clinical medicine and more with lower intracranial pressure. Diagnosis and Prescription medicine also, orifices, such as those who are blinded by phlegm, breathlessness and phlegm can be seen, hold the spit plug Sheng, dull consciousness, wake up when the dusk, and thick greasy fur, slippery pulse number or moisten with Fu Po Yu Gin or soup Phlegm Phlegm resuscitation, severe Jade Ondansetron plus service at 2_3 times, fed or nasal feeding; due to depletion of Yin-chun, orifices dystrophy patients who can be seen to win thin body, dry mouth, red tongue light pulse breakdown , can be large or sole agent ShengmaiYin Ginseng fed; hepatic coma caused by Zhang Yang Ou, more performance for the limb paralysis, nasal sound, made of dry, yellow fur, less fluid, slippery pulse string and the number of available angles Uncaria warrant Decoction, hot treasure was added as severe Dan.

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