Differential Treatment of brain tumors

By | April 30, 2012

Differential Treatment of brain tumors, (1) phlegm type resistance
Main symptoms: headache darkened, nausea and vomiting phlegm, or sputum associated with throat, tired limbs body weight, poor appetite eat less, pale tongue, greasy coating, no obvious context tongue color purple, or thickening, pulse slip slip or string.
Governing Law: Endometriosis King and medicine, Phlegm dampness.
Main side: Prunella cream "cream pellets Dan integration" co Ditan soup "Chi Sheng side" addition and subtraction.
Drugs: Prunella seaweed 30g 30g 30g kelp bovine bile as beta l2g star system of Pinellia 10g 10g, Yan Ru 109 Citrus 109 Jalan night raw and cooked Wu Ling Ren 30g 30g stone moss of the Dragon 4 Po l5g safflower 109.
Fang Yi: The side to Prunella, safflower, kelp, Denon, seaweed, like Tony Endometriosis King and medicine, south of the star, Shih Po, Pinellia, Zhuru, dried tangerine peel, raw and cooked Jalan 1! J Ren, Ling night Robinson Phlegm dampness and other drugs as medicine.
Modified: If the context of enlargement tongue, tongue with red marks spots were added Gou, JII13 the l5g, fructus Hanako 30g. I suffer thirst hot as 109 were added Huang Ling, mte 109 scale; vomiting with ginger rub the tongue evacuation Chinese herb; headache was exposed 3g into powder were added to whole blunt.
(2) The trail of blood and qi stagnation
Main symptoms: headache was continuous or paroxysmal severe worsening pain has given place, take root, looking dull, hemiplegia, dry stool, or dark purple tongue marks point, mark spots, thread color purple by the end of the tongue rough or tortuous, thin white fur, thready pulse astringent and Shen.
Governing Law: blood swelling, France marks the plot.
Main side: brain tumor drink (Yang Bingkui side) combined Tri Pill "three by side" addition and subtraction.
Drugs: Tri-30g I surgery 30g) l] 30g Fructus Gou dome l5g red nosed pit viper tongue Ping Hanako 30g 30g 30g of raw and cooked by the mess and Ling Yan Dragon 4 of the whole dried 30g 5g (post below) clams 1 Liu Wei Yu Huang nine l2g (package).
Fang Yi: The side to Tri-I patients, red Gou, as red blood Gui Hanako paralysis, epilepsy plot of King and drug consumption, including Sichuan dome as the "blood of the gas medicine," cited by the parties based medicine; diffusa, night-ling, raw and cooked Jalan 1! J Ren, Denon detoxification, Sanjie anticancer drugs for the minister; all mortgages, mosquito wind Tongluozhitong the public interest as an adjuvant; all sides with six-Mei Huang Wan Zi Yin kidney to keep the brain, so forget righting attack evil, avoid consumer goods consumption marks the plot of the injury is overcast.
Modified: vomiting plus Inula lOge package), on behalf of the eggplant Stone 30g; as the material is unclear add Cassia 30g, green rice 30g, 109 children arrested worship; disturbed sleep last night, who added Caulis 30g, 109, god of the dragon Tooth l5g (Xian Jian).
(3) Huochi Sheng-type virus
Main symptoms: headache stretching, such as the cone, such as thorns, irritability, vomiting frequency for, or showed a jet-like, red in the face, mouth pain urine, dry stool, red tongue, yellow or white and dry moss, pulse a few strings.
Governing Law: Xiehuo detoxification, Liver Sanjie.
Main side: Long Dan Xie Gan ((medical side Annals _) addition and subtraction.
Drug: Gentian Ping Huang Ling 9g 9g 9g comb habitat l2g fried Bupleurum 5g 30g rhubarb Alisma Plantago l5g 9g (post below) nosed pit viper tongue I ping operation 30g 30g 30g Lobelia Denon four students provoke or Ren 30g licorice 6g.
Fang Yi: The Big Chill side to gentian great bitterness, hepatobiliary clearance above the actual fire, tumble liver and gallbladder damp King and medicine; Huang Ling, a comb, diffusa, lobelia, my surgery, Denon Xiehuo detoxification cancer tumors real fire and help clear the power of gentian; rhubarb diarrhea attack plot, fire discharged; Plantago, Alisma, Jalan nx kernel Xiehuo diuresis, Robinson guided the fire down for a total of medicine; habitat Yin, the orange is not evil injury is; to Bupleurum Shu Chang liver and gallbladder, but also cited various drugs attributable to the liver; licorice reconcile various drugs and the total Satsukai.
Modified: vomiting fraudulent claims add Inula lOge cloth), on behalf of the Road, Stone 30g, Jiang Zhuru l2g, turmeric even weeping, abalone 30g (Xian Jian) and the other swallowed Ling claw powder, three times a day, each time 3g.
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