TCM treatment of advanced esophageal cancer

By | November 3, 2011

Late esophageal cancer for Chinese medicine and Western medicine is very difficult, difficult to treat. If the patient still conditions, but also willing to accept chemotherapy Western medicine, Chinese medicine with Western medicine can be attenuated in order to improve efficiency. If instead, traditional Chinese medicine we must follow their own specimens of both theoretical and practical experience, righting not evil, sub-type of governance, is expected to be to relieve symptoms and prolong the effect with the disease.
The clinical treatment of advanced esophageal cancer drugs commonly used traditional Chinese medicine mainly in the following categories:
Chinese medicine treatment of advanced esophageal cancer 1. NCTD tablets: for liver, esophagus, stomach and cardia and so on and low white blood cell disease, hepatitis, cirrhosis, hepatitis B virus carrying.
Chinese medicine treatment of advanced esophageal cancer 2. esophageal flat casual : Jiangni vomiting, Ditan detoxification, Liangge consumer product, pain relief, tumor suppressor cancer and prolong life. For cancer, cardiac, cardiac spasm, esophageal stricture obstruction. The main clinical use in advanced esophageal cancer of the esophagus causing discomfort, dysphagia, dripping high, choking belch, anti-saliva and various esophageal disorders, can also be used for radiotherapy with chemotherapy treatment.
Chinese medicine treatment of advanced esophageal cancer 3. Ankang Xin Capsule: with blood circulation, Endometriosis, heat detoxification, strengthening and restoring. Lung cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, rectal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, malignant lymphoma, lymphocytic leukemia, bladder cancer, brain tumor.
Chinese medicine treatment of advanced esophageal cancer 4. Xiaoaiping oral solution: anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory. For the treatment of esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, gastric cardia, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer, leukemia and other malignancies, but also with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and post-operative treatment.

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