Patients with pancreatic cancer diet

By | November 3, 2011

Patients with pancreatic cancer diet with easily digestible, nutritious, light is appropriate, but the bland diet alone can not make ends meet to make up for the consumption of patients with pancreatic cancer. Than healthy people that they need to increase about 20% protein and calories, which requires into the meat, milk, eggs, high-nutrition food, at the same time was careful to avoid Hunxing greasy. In the specific arrangements to the attention of:
Patients with pancreatic cancer diet (1) reduce or eliminate the fear of cancer patients, we should do everything possible to increase the patient's appetite, frequent replacement of food species, with attention to color, flavor dishes;
Patients with pancreatic cancer diet (2) let the patient have adequate protein intake, often to eat some lean pork, beef, meat or poultry, and milk bribe, eggs, salted duck eggs and other dairy products;
Patients with pancreatic cancer diet (3) avoid eating non-digestible food, should eat boiling, stewing, steaming and other digestible foods, eat less fried food;
Patients with pancreatic cancer diet (4) eat vitamin-rich vegetables, fruits and some other help to anti-cancer food.
Patients with pancreatic cancer diet (5) the proper use of Chinese dietary therapy of pancreatic cancer:
after radiation therapy tend to have dry mouth, red tongue, little coating performance Hao Shang and other body fluid, can eat some of the Ganliang YangYinShengJin foods such as Ouzhi, pear, watermelon, green bean soup;
patients with decreased immune function during chemotherapy, leukopenia, loss of appetite, to eat pig's trotters, pork ribs soup, beef, and other white blood cells help to improve food and hawthorn, radish, spleen and other appetizing food;
blood deficiency after surgery the patient can eat yams, red dates, longan, lotus seeds, replenishing qi and blood to help recovery.

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