How the combined treatment of esophageal cancer

By | November 3, 2011

When family members or patients they know have been suffering from esophageal cancer, people often ask what is the best treatment? What is the best medicine? Which doctor is the best? And so some problems. In fact, a disease, no matter how severe the degree of treatment no matter which hospital patients, in theory, the principle of treatment should not be much difference. Cancer specialists will be made according to the specific circumstances of the patient the best treatment, but not necessarily non-cancer specialists can do. The patient's economic situation, the conditions of the local hospital where medical treatment will also affect the determination of the patient for the strength of the economy, often the best treatment in the hospital medical condition, its treatment and more Needless to doubt, and for non-economic strength to large hospital treated patients, because the terms may limit its therapeutic effects vary, the following comprehensive treatment of esophagus cancer a few suggestions.
Comprehensive treatment of esophageal cancer (1) comprehensive treatment is not a simple 1 +1, nor is it possible, under the guidance of professional doctors should be reasonable in an orderly manner.
(2) esophageal cancer treatment principles are based on morning and evening to carry out disease, early esophageal cancer can be achieved by radical surgery alone, surgery is also no special treatment. But as patients, as had cancer, early cancer, there are often over-treatment of the phenomenon, resulting in unnecessary financial and human waste, the psychological burden of patients and thus also increased. For advanced esophageal cancer, the treatment is the best comprehensive treatment based on surgery, can not choose a single treatment. As for how to sort a variety of treatment methods, should be carried out under the guidance of professional doctors, rational combination surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy three treatments. Patients and their families need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different treatment methods and efficacy, this can only well with treatment.
(3) surgical removal of the tumor as possible cancer surgeons choose their knowledge through standardized training of tumor, the tumor has a strong sense of understanding of the biological characteristics of each tumor, know how to protect the surrounding normal tissues and surgical resection can be to some extent the local cultivation and preventing tumor metastasis; can give reasonable and correct after the comprehensive treatment program.
Comprehensive treatment of esophageal cancer (4) Department of Oncology, chemotherapy should be carried out or in the tumor under a physician's recommendation, that they could choose the best chemotherapy, and can handle the side effects of chemotherapy. If there are other reasons, after consultation may be conducted in cancer physician, do not simply understood as the infusion of chemotherapy.
(5) expert consultation issued by the chemotherapy, some patients back to local chemotherapy regimen in the end not one? Changes according to the development of the disease and timely replacement program, chemotherapy, and doctors should keep in touch, close observation of short and long term drug side effects.
(6) for the convenience of some patients, after surgery often choose the closer to home, hospital conditions are good, they know other professional doctors to do chemotherapy. Because treatment is not professional, often leads to complications of chemotherapy can not be corrected in time, or even lead to death. At this point doctors often do not analyze their own reasons, and should not be blindly attributed to chemotherapy, or the fear of toxic side effects of chemotherapy appear to change without chemotherapy to reduce the drug dose, resulting in drug tolerance, to the follow-up treatment difficult.
(7), immune therapy and gene therapy to be careful, do not blindly.
(8) unconditionally to the major hospitals will be required to combine technical strength of the local hospital, planned and reasonable treatment.
Comprehensive treatment of esophageal cancer (9) to regularly review, inspection items to be comprehensive, even if the examination is normal, but also provide the basis for future comparative review.

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