Introduction Surgical treatment of esophageal cancer

By | March 23, 2012

Introduction Surgical treatment of esophageal cancer: still the best, the most important treatment. Surgical treatment of esophageal cancer to more than 100 years of history. Czerny 1877 for the first time in a 51-year-old female patient with resection of cervical esophageal and success. Subsequently in 1909, Evans also reported successful cases of cervical esophageal resection. However, the above two after the failure of the reconstruction of cervical esophagus resection of esophageal pathway, and the formation of thin neck and esophagus.
1911 Lane reported after resection of cervical esophagus, formed by the neck skin grafts restore esophageal pathway. Wookey (1942) in the surgical methods on the basis of in-depth research and improvement. Esophageal cancer surgery introduction, the first successful resection of thoracic esophageal cancer as Torek, he left in 1913 through the middle thoracic esophageal cancer resection, incision in the upper esophageal stump after cervical esophageal thin out to do, do abdominal gastrostomy thin desolate with hoses to connect the two ports, and from the mouth to eat. Marshall and Adams 1938, respectively, through left resection of the report and in thoracic esophageal cancer experts esophagogastrostomy success. In this way more than the previous method has the advantages all, was quickly adopted by scholars from various countries. Since then the development of modern surgical techniques, such as anesthesia, blood transfusions, antibiotics widely used to make thoracic surgery has made substantial progress.
70 20th century, large groups of patients according to foreign reports operative mortality rate was 10% – 30%, the resection rate was 40% — 70%, 5 year survival rate was 20%. Since then, Tianjin, Shanghai and other places have carried out the surgical treatment of esophageal and gastric cardia.
After the liberation of the surgical treatment of esophageal and gastric cardia has been the rapid development and popularity. After 20 years as a regional census carried out, found a large number of early cases, domestic cases of resected esophageal and gastric cardia has reached more than 20,000 cases, operative mortality has fallen below 5%, the removal rate of 80% – 95%. By surgical removal of esophageal tumors and metastatic lymph nodes, can eliminate difficulty in swallowing, gastrointestinal function to maintain, to esophageal cancer patients with the long-term chance of survival.
About surgical treatment of esophageal cancer, most documented: a simple surgical patients 5 year survival rate was 20% – 30%, surgery combined preoperative and postoperative chemotherapy and radiotherapy, can also increase the resection rate of patients with advanced and prolonged postoperative survival. In recent years, the surgical treatment of esophageal gradually normalized, with the new equipment and technology, surgical complications and mortality of esophageal cancer decreased significantly, and greatly improving the patient's quality of life.

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