Reflux esophagitis performance

By | March 23, 2012

Reflux esophagitis performance (1) heartburn and acid reflux. Heartburn reflux esophagitis is the typical symptoms occur within 1h after the meal more, showing migration of the upper abdomen after a meal from the sternal notch to the burning sensation, or even radiation to the neck and shoulder area between the liver. Anti-acid reflux esophagitis was the major symptoms, expressed as a meal or sleep acids from the stomach, esophagus pharynx or oral anti-flow.
(2) swallow the pain. Reflux esophagitis increased in esophagitis or esophageal ulcer complicated, it can swallow the pain occurs, more acidic or too hot in food intake occurred after, the pain involved xiphoid, the shoulder and liver, or up to the neck, ears , and sometimes radiation to the forearm.
Reflux esophagitis performance (3) difficulty swallowing. Early as the twins recover from illness caused by intermittent esophageal symptoms of epilepsy, the late esophageal stricture caused by scar organic esophagus. In reflux esophagitis patients, the dysfunction of a variety of power can lead to swallowing difficulties, they include: the esophagus and reflux-related twin recover from illness, loss of peristalsis, sphincter dysfunction, completely without advance wave of contraction, peristalsis of the contraction rate of decline. But during dysphagia, we must guard against esophageal cancer (squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus secondary to Barrett's esophagus or adenocarcinoma).
Reflux esophagitis clinical manifestations (4) bleeding and anemia. Rare, accounting for multiple factors due to membrane erosion or ulcer.
(5), esophageal stenosis. Repeated long-term cause severe gastroesophageal reflux esophagitis, and finally to the development of esophageal stenosis, more common in the lower esophagus.
Reflux esophagitis clinical manifestations (6) Barrett esophagus. Long-term, severe gastroesophageal reflux, esophageal squamous epithelium is replaced by columnar epithelium that is formed Barrett esophagus. The disease is reflux esophagitis serious complications, is the increasing trend in incidence, is a recognized precancerous lesion of esophageal adenocarcinoma, one should attach great importance to the clinical, endoscopic follow-up, early detection of esophageal adenocarcinoma is important.

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