Classification and surgical results of esophageal cancer to determine

By | March 23, 2012

Classification and surgical results of esophageal cancer to determine (1) on esophageal cancer (cervical and upper thoracic esophageal cancer.) Upper thoracic esophagus in the esophagus, "the Triangle" area, it's in front of the trachea, behind the spine, below the aortic arch. Narrow the gap around the esophagus, cancer easily invade surrounding organs outside, coupled with difficulties in surgical exposure of the lesion and surrounding lymph nodes and complete resection is not easy. After excision of cervical cancer need to do a colon esophagus and stomach or esophageal anastomosis, technology is more complex, postoperative mortality and complications than other parts of the high surgical result is not satisfactory. Therefore, on the surgical treatment of esophageal carcinoma should be careful and strict selection.
Esophageal cancer to determine the classification and results of operations (2) the middle of esophageal cancer. In the past, the literature, the lowest rate of its removal. However, some clinical reports of view, the middle esophageal cancer resection rate is far higher than the gastric cardia, the results of these two different cases with their choice to some extent. Esophageal range of subjects, from the upper edge of the aortic arch down to the inferior pulmonary vein plane. In the middle of the upper esophageal aortic arch, between the tracheal bifurcation and the spine, the site of the cancer removed, and no doubt lower than the cardia cancer more difficult. However, the following lesions of the aortic arch, the absence of serious foreign invasion, the general can do a thorough removal of tumor and hilar lymph nodes removed. In view of the incidence of esophageal cancer in the middle of the esophagus in various parts of the highest, the middle selection of cases of esophageal cancer surgical treatment, although be careful, but not negative.
Classification and surgical results of esophageal cancer to determine (3) lower esophageal cancer. In the lower esophagus esophagus "lower triangle" area, in front of the pericardium, the rear of the spine, the lower bound is a leap muscle. Large gap around the esophagus, cancer and surrounding lymph nodes is easy to do a complete resection. Therefore, surgical resection rate, postoperative long-term effect . Some of the lower esophageal lesions up to 7-8cm, can still be removed. So, the next most appropriate surgical treatment of esophageal cancer.
Classification and surgical results of esophageal cancer to determine (4) cardiac . Multiple violations of the lesser curvature gastric cardia, because of obstructive symptoms appeared later, many cancer treatment when the patient is already in the advanced stage. X-ray imaging of small curvature observed a clear violation of the range is not easy, and many have intra-abdominal lymph node metastases. Therefore, the removal rate of gastric cardia cancer in different parts than the lower esophagus. The choice of cardiac patients, in addition to attention to the patient's general condition and extent of disease seen in X-ray sizes, particular attention should be the volume of the stomach. Although patients with significant obstruction or gastric X-ray examination showed a soft tissue mass shadow, but the patients a good appetite, diminished food intake, which has removed many cancer patients hope. If the patient significantly reduced food intake in the near future, and loss of appetite, cancer often can not be removed.

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