Surgical treatment of esophageal cancer relative contraindication

By | March 23, 2012

Surgical treatment of esophageal cancer relative contraindications upper esophageal carcinoma invading the range of more than 2cm, the middle of the aortic arch following esophageal cancer invading the range of more than 5cm, and the scope of the lower esophageal invasion or more than 7cm, cancer excision is unlikely. Observed from the range of cardiac disease, and if X-ray examination showed esophageal and gastric fundus imaging soft tissue mass in large, there is no stomach bubble, the small volume of contrast agent shows the stomach, the small possibility of cancer excision.
ulcerative esophageal cancer mainly to muscle invasion, often through the end of muscle ulcer, foreign invasion and metastasis earlier. Lesion often occupies only part of the esophagus circumference, clinical swallowing obstructive symptoms appeared later. Therefore, if the patient swallowing obstructive symptoms, the surgical removal of opportunities for small. Although some cases can be removed, but after poor results than other types of cancer.
Esophageal cancer surgery relative contraindication narrow type cancer, which is in the esophagus in growth, invasion, resulting in circular esophageal stenosis, obstructive symptoms occur earlier. Lesion length generally shorter, more or less at 4cm, but its removal rate.
With the continuous development of surgical techniques and critical care wards in various hospitals to enhance the establishment of a relaxation of age requirements. AFC, according to information from abroad was no postoperative complications or only minor complications in the average age was 58 years old, died after the average age was 60 years old, less than 70 years of age mortality rate was 17.6%, and large 70 years of age at 26.6%.
Age can not be considered an absolute contraindication to surgery has become the consensus of most scholars. However, with age, cardiac output rate of 1% per year decline, the 75-year-old elderly stroke volume is only about 50% of young people aged 25 and often with different degrees of atherosclerosis and the respiratory system, circulatory system diseases, due to cardiopulmonary dysfunction and increased risk of surgery. Therefore, over 65 patients with esophageal and gastric cardia, though not surgical contraindications, but it should be carefully considered.
Esophageal cancer surgery patients relative contraindication choking if hoarseness or cough, recurrent laryngeal nerve invasion might Department, or mediastinal lymph nodes within the recurrent laryngeal nerve compression caused by surgical treatment should be carefully considered.

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