Integrative Medicine of gastric cancer

By | December 1, 2011

Gastric cancer patients is to see or to see practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, many cancer patients are very confused, in the end the kind of treatment best suited to their condition which, in fact, systemic treatment of gastric cancer should start from the overall start, it is necessary to apply local treatment, such as gastric surgery, radiation method or the removal of the lesions completely controlled, while also stressed that the overall increase in immune function, cancer of Integrative Medicine is to improve the key to cancer treatment.
Although modern medicine in the local resection of the lesions has been eliminated formed a relatively complete way, but in general enhance the body function, treatment tumors ideal method is very poor, but rather at this point, either traditional Chinese medicine theory of knowledge and practice have a unique feature of modern medicine can not be replaced.
For gastric cancer , we promote gastric Integrative Medicine, a simple treatment with Western medicine, in the elimination of localized lesions have a better cure for the role, but there are many adverse reactions, regardless of the enemy. In contrast, the anti-tumor medicine in France, while the evil, not to hurt the injured or less upright, and supplementation and attack, especially in patients with advanced or physical weakness, Chinese medicine treatment of righting training can improve the immune function. Previously that treatment of pure Western or Chinese medicine treatment need to be replaced by Integrative Medicine.Integrative Medicine gastric cancer may be synergistic with each other, learn from each other, so that long-term effect of cancer therapy continues to increase.

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