How traditional Chinese medicine treatment of gastric cancer

By | December 1, 2011

Understanding of traditional Chinese medicine for gastric cancer, is viewed from the perspective of the whole tumor formation. Gastric cancer is a systemic disease, and local tumor only systemic disease in a local performance. Gastric cancer is a mixture of the actual situation, the virtual real disease, usually the body is empty, the local true phenomenon.How traditional Chinese medicine treatment of gastric cancer, a fundamental point of view, is simply false, as false and ill, because Erzhi virtual reality: the virtual is the disease, in fact, diseases of the standard: Virtual is systemic, in fact, localized.
Clinical observations from the Chinese point of view, virtual to spleen deficiency, yin deficiency is more comprehensive treatment see, with facts is nothing more than stagnation, bloody sputum, Tanning, drug accumulation. Pay attention to differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of the units. In the treatment of the tumor, particular attention should be the relationship between part and whole, we must attach importance to the local tumor lesions, but also understand the systemic changes induced by the tumor. TCM believes that the cause of tumor cancer than all the external factors, but also liver and kidney disorders, stomach does not transport, air stagnation, and emotional disorders such as bloodstain internal factors.
Chinese medicine theory how to treat gastric cancer and the use of drugs is very different with Western medicine, Chinese medicine is a reasonable understanding of the tumor, and science. Good and evil doctrine, highly summarized the theories of syndrome differentiation of tumor pathogenesis and course of disease outcomes, which play an important cancer treatment guidance. The various methods of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer are practice and experience, and because by the practice of verification.
Many traditional Chinese medicine itself has anti-tumor effects, such as the application of plant-based anticancer drugs are now a number of biological response modifiers, and are the active ingredients of some Chinese medicines. These components of the tumor cells directly or indirectly in vitro. Many have the effect of strengthening the foundation of Chinese medicine to regulate and mobilization of the body defense system, and indirectly kill tumor cells.
Cancer treatment, the medicine to treat stomach cancer, a number of traditional Chinese medicine and radiotherapy, chemotherapy with the role, not only can play a sensitizing effect, but also to reduce radiation and chemotherapy of certain adverse reactions, used in conjunction with the surgical procedure can result Deficiency or dysfunction of certain be restored or improved.
In short, the Chinese how to treat cancer, can be used in medicine is treatment or adjuvant treatment of gastric cancer, its efficacy is yes. In general, as long as the syndrome properly, a reasonable dosage, can be used in various systems of Chinese medicine treatment of various tumors.
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