How sinus cancer radiotherapy

By | November 30, 2011

Sinus cancer treatment can choose surgery, radiotherapy or surgery plus radiation integrated treatment model, preoperative radiotherapy can eliminate subclinical lesions around the tumor, surgery to reduce the possible spread of the tumor, while avoiding some of the major organs were removed. The following is the treatment of nasal sinus cancer, the principles of radiotherapy:
How to radiotherapy sinus cancer (1) ethmoid, maxillary sinus cavity cancer, mucosal lesions than limited, the radiation field in principle, should include the same side of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses.
(2) by adding one or two before the wild side Wild side, plus wedge filtration plate, the dose should vary due to the lesion.
How sinus cancer radiotherapy (3) basic sphenoid sinus cancer radiotherapy nasopharyngeal primary tumor with radiation therapy.
(4) invasion of a wide range of ethmoid sinus cancer, suspicious orbital involvement, the radiation field should include the orbital part, 40-50Gy retraction to protect the inner canthus to the lacrimal gland and retina function.
(5) maxillary sinus cancer, nasal sinus cancer with radiation therapy can be. Maxillary sinus cancer before radiotherapy first window drainage. Postoperative radiotherapy, radiotherapy residual maxillary sinus cavity can be filled when hot wet gauze to reduce hot spots.
How sinus cancer radiotherapy (6) diagnosis of cervical lymph node metastases have been, can be neck dissection, and (or) radiotherapy. Per cervical lymph node metastasis do not recommend prophylactic neck radiotherapy. Undifferentiated carcinoma, poorly differentiated carcinoma recommended for prophylactic neck irradiation, irradiation dose of 50Gy.

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