Patients with advanced gastric cancer can survive long

By | November 30, 2011

Gastric cancer survive for long, many patients and the concerns of families of patients, but the problem is not who can judge, and gastric cancer patients live long according to disease development and deterioration of view.
Gastric late how long they survive, for patients with advanced gastric cancer, usually more obvious symptoms, the tumor cells had started to deteriorate, in order that patients can survive longer possible, first of all gastric cancer patients to maintain a good attitude is very optimistic, with the on nutrition, breathing the fresh air, drink clean water, eat clean things, as do patients with gastric cancer care, give patients with remission of symptoms in patients with Chinese traditional medicine, the maximum limit the spread of gastric cancer cell proliferation.
Gastric cancer survive long, the family should remain positive patients with gastric cancer, optimistic mood, coupled with other measures (such as your medicine with good treatment, this is very important), you can extend a patient's quality of life and life. If these efforts are doing well, then the quality of life of patients with gastric cancer will be greatly improved.
Gastric cancer treatment:
Shen Lian Capsule – detoxification, blood circulation, Endometriosis. Used by blood stasis, heat caused the drug resistance of lung cancer, gastric cancer patients;
Epps liter Liquid – for immune function, as adjuvant treatment of cancer, reduce the radiotherapy and chemotherapy side effects on the hematopoietic system and gastrointestinal reactions. Also be used for leukopenia and aplastic anemia and recurrent respiratory tract infections;
Fusheng Capsule – back to life with a swelling of the soft capsule Kennedy, blood circulation, the effect of rousing, for liver cancer, gastric cancer treatment. Combined with radiotherapy, chemotherapy has synergistic attenuated, improve immune function, prevent recurrence and metastasis of tumor cells.

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