Diet in patients with advanced gastric cancer

By | November 30, 2011

Because many patients with advanced gastric cancer loss of appetite, nutrition intake, physical deterioration, so gastric cancer diet becomes more important. Reasonable diet is a natural way to get enough nutrients, but was able to enhance nutrition in patients with reasonable physical.
1. Balanced diet
To maintain normal levels of nutrition, the best way is to maintain a balanced diet. Requirements of the process of gastric cancer diet eat more high-calorie, high-quality protein, vitamin-rich foods such as fish, lean meat, milk, mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and so on. Furthermore, it should eat more fresh vegetables, green leafy vegetables and should be half.
2. High nutrition diet
Gastric cancer with advanced high-nutrition food diet is high protein, high calorie, high vitamin, high-salt diet. Mainly to patients with high-protein diet to add all the necessary amino acids. The balance of amino acids can inhibit tumor development. So should eat protein-rich food, especially high quality protein such as lean meat, eggs, beans, milk and so on.
3. Protect the stomach membrane attack
Avoid eating high-salt, excellent, too hot food, avoid overeating, if necessary, Eat small meals, to regularly quantitative, eating digestible diet.
4. Food should be fresh
Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, do not eat fat food system, do not eat smoked, fried, fried burning of fish, meat, do not smoke, do not eat spicy foods, such as irritation.
5. Late Late symptoms in patients selected according to therapeutic
(1) in patients with advanced gastric cancer hospital Department of more than a stomach fullness, pain and other symptoms of food product Needless, therefore, should eat easily digestible foods, such as plum juice, fresh juice groove, hawthorn juice, fruit juice, ginger syrup, noodle soup, fresh millet gruel so as to aid digestion and relieve pain.
(2) nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, Yi Shi appetizer Jiangni of light food, such as almond milk, lotus root starch, corn meal mush, gold glutinous cake, hawthorn and other easy to digest food cake, cut out of heavy oil fatty.
(3) multiple injuries and blood after gastric Erzhi malaise, rigor, loss of appetite, spontaneous perspiration, Qi and blood should be based, edible from the soup, black chicken, ginseng tea, longan, white fungus , soft-shelled turtle.
(4) gastric cancer patients during chemotherapy, prone to dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, decreased from the cell embolism.Gastric cancer when eating edible milk, coffee, eggs, tomatoes, figs, plum, ginseng tea.
(5), gastric cancer, most patients in a state of systemic failure, difficulty eating. Should be righting the main, in addition to increasing the nutrient, often soaked in water to drink ginseng or white ginseng to enhance the functions of its organs.

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