Signs and symptoms of tongue cancer

By | November 30, 2011

Tongue symptoms and signs of oral cancer in the tongue is the most common malignant tumor, statistics show the incidence of tongue cancer is about 40% of oral cancer, head and neck tumors account for 1.6% to 10.2%, men and women ratio of 1.5 to 1.7:1, more common in middle-aged.
Tongue signs and symptoms, tongue 3 / 4 occurred in the tongue of the first 2 / 3 position, of which 80% to 90% of the tongue occurs in the lingual margin, followed by the tongue belly, tongue, and tongue, etc. , may have a history of local white or chronic stimuli. The growth of tongue cancer the most common approach to the ulcer, followed by walking the line along the tongue muscle was local infiltration type, less common type of external conflict. Tongue signs and symptoms, tongue, rapid development, short course, not typical early clinical manifestations, may be no symptoms initially, with occasional minor irritation pain, gradually thickened plaques, induration, fissures or ulcers. Ulcers to the development of deep infiltration Angeles meat, pain gradually worsened, to the ipsilateral external auditory canal, Yen District radiation. Secondary infection, the pain got worse, and discharged a foul-smelling discharge. Genioglossus extensive involvement, then the local tumor hard, fixed, causing the tongue movement disorders, difficulty eating, saliva spills and language is unclear, advanced tumors can also be violations of the floor of mouth, mandible adjacent tissues, involving the base of the tongue backwards. A small number of lesions with deep invasion, also showed only small changes in the mucosa. Often an early cervical lymph node metastasis.

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