Digestive system cancer treatment method commonly used

By | April 4, 2012

According to ancient and modern literature, Chinese medicine treatment of digestive cancer now grouped into the following four methods, according to the actual situation, diagnosis and treatment, to be selected.
Digestive system tumors common treatment method (a) of the detoxification method
Detoxification method for Yu heat of the fire, filled with toxic fire, used for disease progression or infection, or cancer into the final. Zheng Jian irritability, such as high fever, dry mouth hi cold, then dry, O yellow red, or headache, or jaundice and so on. Ignorant of common disinfection of drinking five prescriptions, HJD, hammer Golden soup, rhino horn to yellow soup, clear soup business. Such as heat into the business of blood, visible bleeding, scar spot, thirsty and do not want to drink, tongue without coating network, could add heat to cool. Cylinder drugs, such as rhino horn, Dan, Lithospermum and so on. Rely on wetlands, such as stagnation, may have abdominal fullness, Oue poor appetite, yellow greasy tongue coating were advised to increase profits by dampness penetration drugs, such as Patchouli, Perrin, Jalan Jen, night Ling, Alisma, through grass. If and Yin, showing dry lips and dry teeth, tongue, light no-chun who wish to join YangYinShengJin drugs, such as habitat, Ophiopogon japonicus, no argument, pollen, Adenophora and so on.
Digestive system tumors common treatment method (b) of phlegm Sanjie
Phlegm phlegm Sanjie for mass formed by condensation Results, hard, according to the no pain or tenderness, or push the movable, or the disk firmly take root. Disease as a disease, and more production in the spleen on the basis, so many drugs used in combination with the spleen. Commonly used prescriptions are Dao Tan Tang, Ling Wan guide to the night, half-shell balls. In severe cases, such as spleen, spleen Qi drugs should be added, such as ginseng, Astragalus, Atractylodes, yam, etc.; and liver were advised to Jiashu liver qi drugs, such as Cyperus rotundus, turmeric, bergamot, Bupleurum, and so on. And blood addict blood of marks should be added drugs, such as Salvia, red Gou, peach kernel, safflower, Liu Siphonostegia, Tri, I surgery and so on.
Digestive system tumors common treatment method (c) of the blood of paralysis Law
Method for blood and qi stagnation of blood stains mark the formation of tumor, or who the main clinical manifestations of bloodstains, such as pain root, skin a mistake, or dark purple tongue, or mark point mark, thin and astringent pulse Shen or a thin string and so on. Multi-drug combination with the gas line. More in the blood marks are generated on the basis of false, it is often associated with blood drug and qi, nourishing the agent the same time. Therefore, Liao blood of different methods based on clinical performance, can be divided into nourishing and activating blood, law firm of weakness, marks of analgesia, cooling of the mark law, as appropriate choice.
Digestive system tumors common treatment method (d) of this Law righting training
Centralizer is mainly used for training law is true, in order to regulate the body's yin and yang organs blood disorders, to enhance the body's resistance to diseases, in addition to strong physical and legal purpose of Evils, Law is the primary treatment of digestive cancer therapies one. According to the different manifestations of cancer patients, solid centralizer can be divided into the following 4 of this Law Governing Law:
(1) Spleen and Qi: for spleen qi weak, mainly for general fatigue, low speech, spontaneous sweating, anorexia has sugar, or fat, pale tongue, or teeth marks, pulse Chenhuan or moisten. Commonly used prescriptions such as Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, Decoction, powder, etc. SHENLINGBAISHU.
(2) Qi and blood law: for blood deficiency patients, mainly for looking Shaohua, dizziness, palpitations, menstrual less and less sleep soundly dreams, pay less, pale, thin white fur. Or chemotherapy for advanced tumors, hemorrhage caused by blood deficiency. Commonly used prescriptions are Dangguibuxuetang, ginseng spleen soup, eight treasures soup.
(3) YangYinShengJin law: for advanced cancer, whose condition had deteriorated physical consumption of a heat, or burning consumption of Yin Ye who after radiotherapy. Performance of throat dry lips, afternoon fever, child Zuxin hot, they dry red urine, less sleep soundly, or waist and knees, dizziness, red tongue or light red peel, pulse small number of those strings. Radix Ophiopogon commonly used prescriptions such as drinking, Yiwei Tang, always fried, six Mei Huang balls.
(4), spleen and kidney warming law: for those with advanced cancer Yang, mainly as cold limbs, clear under the Lee Valley, Diarrhoea, urine long, or backache dizziness, fatigue, weakness, tenderness big fat tongue , pulse delayed by Shen. Commonly used prescriptions are attached to the management of soup, Zhen Wu Tang, Fuzi soup, Guifu Huang Wan, Dan and other even less.
All of the above remedies are often used in combination with the clinical syndrome should be based on the selection.

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