Elements of the digestive system tumor syndrome

By | April 4, 2012

Pathogenesis of tumors of digestive system complexity, to obtain efficient, must be the exact differentiation, pay attention to the following questions.
Digestive system tumor syndrome points (a) Positioning qualitative
Digestive system tumor syndrome, should at least include the location and condition of the organs qualitative. According to the site of clinical manifestations and their respective meridian function of internal organs, signs and other features to locate. In identifying the nature of the disease, to distinguish between a negative card, yang, in the table, where, in the air, in the blood, deficiency, evidence and so on. General systemic failure, aversion to cold, tired of lying fixed by the negative syndrome, high fever, irritability was yang. Qi stagnation in the air, bloodstain in the blood. Since cancer is based on the incidence of false positive, and it is a real performance in the local, the whole is false. In fact, there are qi stagnation, blood stains, sputum flag, gather temperature, toxic fire identified; the virtual body by the virtual failure of yin and yang qi. Must be noted that the performance of digestive tumors is often not a single, in addition to virtual, real, cold, heat can be interwoven with the merger occurs, but under certain conditions (such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, exogenous, etc.) under the action of mutual transformation, it is in the treatment of With the change must be with the government.
Digestive system tumor syndrome points (b) identified pulse and tongue
Pulse tongue in TCM occupy a prominent position, it can distinguish between good and evil and the actual situation the body skin conditions. Pulse string, big, smooth, the number of persons, mostly gas bloodstains stagnation, phlegm and fit such a reflection of the disease into the elephant. Pulse small, warm, weak, slow, the more the case of deficiency, less blood, sperm damage, rely on wetlands and other reflect the signs of positive imaginary. Sheng as physically weak and veins found in the rapid development of cancer prognosis worse. Pale, big fat tongue, the tongue has scalloped edges, the tongue are the deficiency in those cracks. Tongue blue or dark red spots or marks, or marks a point of relying on the blood marks. Red tongue within the network who have the burning. White fur is a cold, yellow is a hot, greasy fur to have phlegm.
Elements of the digestive system tumor differentiation (c) identified specimens
Standard is a relative concept with this, including various contents. For example, from good and evil, the righteousness based, evil as the standard; from the disease has run; old disease-oriented, the new disease as the standard; from the lesion in terms of visceral disease-oriented, standards and other surface lesions. However, tumors in the digestive system is based on the incidence of false and should be oriented to being virtual, virtual yin and yang organs in blood disorders are produced under the lesions, such as sputum knot, wet together, the air resistance, bloodstain, Yu heat and so on are standard. From the large number of clinical observations confirmed that no or only standard is not true and false, even if the early patients, but also have positive imaginary and, therefore, should pay full attention to the dialectical.

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