The general anatomy and physiology of esophageal

By | April 4, 2012

Pipeline for the muscular esophagus, digestive tract where the most narrow, on the edge of porting from the swallow, the equivalent of the cricoid cartilage or the lower edge of the 6th cervical vertebra. Select the bottom of the door finally the stomach, the equivalent of the 11th thoracic level, in front of square on the 7th costal cartilage. Esophagus by the neck and chest, through the chest of the esophageal hiatus into the abdominal cavity, it is divided into the neck, chest and abdomen in three parts. The full adult male about 25_30cm, women about 23_28cm. Clinical measurements for the point above the central incisors Dayton, in the adult responsible for the incisors to the door of 40cm. Familiar with the length of the esophagus Esophageal cytology and netting provided gastroscopy reference data.
From the side view of the esophagus are compatible with the curvature of the spine, the entire length of the esophagus has several bending.
The gross anatomy of esophageal physiology, the positive side, the beginning part of the esophagus in the midline, trachea and left and right side in the neck, bias down the left side, at 4,5 in the left thoracic junction of the total bronchial rear. Surface at the 5th thoracic aorta push the esophagus and living in the midline. Down the line a bit more on the right, in front of the thoracic aorta to the left oblique, through the diaphragm of the esophageal hiatus after a series of esophageal cardia stomach is full of muscular control scalability, due to the structural characteristics of the esophagus itself and its adjacent organs effects of esophageal lumen is not completely consistent, there are three normal physiological narrow area: the first with a narrow pharyngeal and esophageal junction area is located away from the central incisors 15cm, by the pharyngeal muscles and the cricoid rings are surrounded; the second narrow area is located in the level of tracheal bifurcation, aortic arch, left main bronchus across the front of the esophagus, aortic arch, there is also oppression of the esophagus, the equivalent of the sternal angle into the first thoracic vertebra 4 and 5 asked the panel level, away from the central incisors 25cm; third narrow located in the esophagus at the esophageal hiatus through the brain, the equivalent of 10 thoracic levels, from central incisor 37-40cm. three esophageal stenosis diameter of about 1.3-2.0cm, diameter of other parts of 2.5-3cm. and in the normal case, because a strong contraction of the esophagus, chewing food well 5cm diameter group, but also smooth without obstruction through the narrow sense of the esophagus.
The gross anatomy of esophageal physiology, the two ends of the esophagus, which are often the first and third in the closed state Department of stenosis, the former to prevent the inhalation of air from the pharynx into the esophagus, which prevents the reflux of gastric contents into the esophagus. Ministry of the second narrow the aortic arch and the adjacent right-left main tracheal compression caused by the narrow passage of the food does not affect the Department, nor the significance of the physiological function, but the second stenosis is often stuck and esophageal foreign body incarceration predilection sites.
Esophagus anatomy physiology, to clinical orientation, the esophagus at the upper, middle, and lower segment. The esophagus to the aortic arch on the edge of the population for the upper; on the edge of the aortic arch to the pulmonary vein (equivalent to the lower edge of the hilar) for the middle. Another method according to anatomical sub-segment, the esophagus into the neck, chest, abdomen segment. Cervical esophagus to the cricoid cartilage from 2 thoracic plane, about 5-8cm. Thoracic esophagus and thoracic played catchy, down to the diaphragm of the esophageal hiatus, about 15-18cm, abdominal esophagus, the esophageal hiatus to the cardia, about 1-3cm, is the shortest section of the esophagus.

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