Common treatment for endometrial cancer, which measures

By | April 14, 2012

Common treatment for endometrial cancer, the principle should be based on clinical staging, cell differentiation, the patient whole body situation and other factors considered decision. Because the vast majority of adenocarcinoma of endometrial cancer, is not sensitive to the radiation therapy, so treatment with surgery, there are other radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other drugs combined therapy.
1. Surgical treatment: surgery alone is better than radiotherapy alone, the 5-year cure rate of surgery is 20% higher than the radiation. Range of surgical lesions could be clearly and correctly to the clinical stage, extent of surgery to the right decision.
2. Radiotherapy: surgery plus radiation therapy combined with surgery is much controversy over the years but has not been fully resolved.
Preoperative radiotherapy was added benefits are:
endometrial cancer can reduce tumor size, conducive to surgery;
inactivated cancer cells, reduce the postoperative recurrence and the possibility of distant metastasis;
reduce the chance of infection. It can improve the cure rate. The cancer has deep soaking muscle, with poor cell differentiation, preoperative intracavitary radiotherapy, surgery should be added in vitro irradiation.
In view of these advantages, the conditions to have radiotherapy, the need to preoperative radiotherapy with radiotherapy and surgery is still appropriate.
3. Progestin therapy: surgery or radiotherapy used for recurrence or metastasis of the cases, but also for well-differentiated endometrial cancer, early, young patients need to retain reproductive function. Pregnancy induced drugs as an integral part of comprehensive treatment, is recommended. Vaginal progesterone can reduce the recurrence rate after surgery, it is also widely used after surgery or radiation adjuvant treatment.
4. Anti-estrogen drug therapy: three phenoxy adhesive (tamoxifen) is a non-simplified categories antiestrogen, itself a slight androgenic effect. It is competing with estradiol estrogen receptor (ER), take anti-estrogen receptor role of the sky. After serving the drug, increased tumor PR, progesterone treatment benefit. Typically used in advanced cases, recurrence or metastasis.
Common treatment for endometrial cancer , 5. chemotherapy used for advanced or recurrent endometrial cancer metastasis. Conditional to the cancer PR, ER testing in pregnancy when the hormone receptor-positive when the treatment of choice; when the receptor-negative, then more chemotherapy. Receptors determined unconditionally, well-differentiated cancer cells, progesterone should be used, differentiation is not good choice of chemotherapy.

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