What are the characteristics of meningioma

By | April 14, 2012

Meningiomas are originated in the meninges and meningeal space derivatives, incidence rate of 19.2% of intracranial tumors, ranking No. 2, the characteristics of meningioma : Female: Male 2:1, peak age of 45 years of age, children rarely .
Meningiomas may occur with certain gene variation within and related environmental changes, not single factors may be related to brain trauma, radiation exposure, viral infection and the merger of bilateral acoustic neuromas and other factors.
Divided according to their pathological features: endothelial-type or fiber type, blood type, sand, mixed or transitional type, malignant meningioma, meningeal sarcoma, generally classified in the previous four kinds of areas of benign meningiomas, the vascular type most common malignant meningioma, malignant transformation should be considered several possible relapse.
The characteristics of meningioma based on clinical tumor may be. Those in the cerebral hemisphere, often caused by epilepsy, paralysis and mental disorders. Those in the base of the skull, often a corresponding part of the brain and the brain involved symptoms. Increased intracranial pressure symptoms usually appear later. Long-term chronic patients, because of increased intracranial pressure Erzhi two vision loss or even blindness.

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