The characteristics of pineal tumors

By | April 14, 2012

Pineal gland tumor is rare, accounting for 1.3% of gliomas, mainly seen in children or young people.
Pineal gland tumor characteristics as that caused by increased intracranial pressure early, headache, vomiting, vision loss, optic disc edema. Brain tissue adjacent to tumor compression, then produce a series of symptoms and limitations of signs. Pressure or influence, such as prisoners stacked inside and outside the geniculate body and can produce eye movement disorders, hit the hole expanding, the light response disappeared, there visual impairment, visual field defects or reduced peripheral vision and so on. Especially on the eyes as not, is the positioning of signs on the mound under pressure, oppression, or a combination of arm when the cerebellum, ataxia appeared.
Pineal cells may have endocrine functions, but may also be due to tumor obstruction aqueduct, the brain produces water, the third ventricle enlargement caused by the hypothalamus function Zhangai performance.Pineal gland tumor may also spread to the spinal cord through cerebrospinal fluid circulation. Skull plain film may show calcification in some cases.

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