The characteristics of astrocytoma

By | April 14, 2012

Astrocytomas are the most common glioma, accounting for 51.2% of gliomas.
Astrocytoma features are: The most common occurrence in adults is the amount of the top sites, Ying Ye, etc.; children occurred in the cerebellum. Astrocytomas grow slowly, longer course, if the tumor is located in the cerebral hemispheres.
The clinical features: often seen in epilepsy, stock body paralysis and sensory disorders, symptoms of increased intracranial pressure appeared later, it is a long-term epilepsy seizures without other signs are. Such as growth in the cerebellum, cerebellar damage will produce symptoms and signs such as ataxia, nystagmus, rotation and other movement disorders; when the oppression of the fourth ventricle, to the increased intracranial pressure, causing headache, vomiting, optic disc edema and other symptoms. Located in the brainstem were first expressed as a variety of clinical manifestations of brain stem tumor, such as cross-cutting paralysis. Sometimes there may also affect the cerebellum and the corresponding symptoms.
About 8% of astrocytoma in the X-ray on the tumor calcification.

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