Symptoms of multiple myeloma

By | April 14, 2012

1. Multiple Myeloma abnormal plasma cells in bone marrow> 10%.
2. X-ray examination of bone marrow:
focal osteolytic damage.
pathological fracture. Osteolytic lesions more common in the skull, pelvis, spine, ribs, bone and hazy Chief proximal bone. Pathological fracture with spinal compression fractures in multiple myeloma as the most typical symptoms.
3. Immunology corresponding monoclonal immunoglobulin, IgG "IgA" IgM, IgD "IgE increased.
4. Urine positive change in urine protein and urine Bence-Jones protein positive.
The symptoms of multiple myeloma 5. Blood biochemistry:
globulin increased, mostly in the 30,, SOg / L or higher, normal globulin decreased.
normal or elevated serum calcium, serum phosphate to normal.
renal failure, increased blood urea nitrogen and muscle off.
The symptoms of multiple myeloma. 6. Blood hemoglobin is usually in the early 100 – 110g / L, the late Chang <50g / L; white blood cell count can be normal. Platelet counts often decrease. Red blood film can be formed much like the characteristic string of changes. Due to increased plasma globulin, which can affect the blood typing and cross matching of blood tests.

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