Characteristics of lung cancer and treatment of bone metastases

By | December 27, 2011

Bone metastases of lung cancer in the lung metastasis, bone is the most common sites of metastasis of lung cancer, especially small cell lung cancer and poorly differentiated non-small cell lung cancer, the incidence of 30% occurred in the axial skeleton, mainly spine, ribs and pelvic bones, the limbs are rare. Bone metastases without any clinical symptoms of early and late pain. Transfer to occur from the generation of clinical bone pain, often require more than 1 year time. Lung cancer bone metastases, the lung cancer patients is not due to the exclusion of dollars bone pain, refused the clinical examination. Cancer pain is characterized by fixed position, the pain gradually worsened significantly during the day than at night; transfer will have strap-like thoracic pain; lumbar lateral transfer often occurs along the lower limb pain in the foot outside of radioactivity, with coughing, defecation and other activities increased. Similar to bone growth or sciatica herniated disc, should be vigilant. Because mostly osteolytic bone metastasis of lung cancer, so their sometimes pathological fractures and hypercalcemia, clinical examination is the most common isotope bone scan, whole body bone metastases can quickly display case, high sensitivity, but specificity lower; MRI and CT can show the local situation of bone metastasis, it is specific and local positioning is better than bone scan, MRI than CT in particular more local advantages. Less sensitive X-ray, osteolytic lesions can be displayed when more than 1 cm. However, due to its flat bones (such as the skull, ribs, pelvis) still has its advantages, and the price is low, so these parts of the X-ray examination method is still commonly used.
Bone metastases in lung cancer, the treatment of bone metastases and the metastatic sites according to the number of metastatic lesions with different treatment options taken, the overall principle is the basis of systemic chemotherapy, selective focus on the local palliative radiotherapy. Difficult to control on multiple bone metastases, can be considered palliative pain treatment medication isotopes, and the state system of bone phosphate salt dissolved drugs (such as Aredia) or by use of different analgesic pain medication to relieve pain, improve living quality.

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