The daily care of lung cancer patients

By | December 28, 2011

The end of surgery you are still awake after anesthesia will feel dizzy, cold, and if not removed endotracheal tube you can not speak. You will be sent to unit test the function of important organs such as heart and lung, and 1-2 days in this recovery, which is a routine element of work to be overly concerned.
(1) Pipeline: Many intravenous tube into your body, the body is also filled with all kinds of pipelines four weeks, but as you recover most of which will be gradually removed. Leaving only some important channels, including: catheter to measure urine volume while avoiding the inconvenience of going to the toilet; some patients, endotracheal intubation for assisted breathing retention; chest tube, after the chest tube in the leads 1-2 for drainage and intrathoracic blood volume product gas, until the full expansion of more than lung, lung sections did not leak until the union, about 2-5 days on average; some patients have a nasogastric tube for decompression, to avoid abdominal distension and vomiting .
(2) Drug treatment: including antibiotics, analgesics, antiemetic agents.
(3) maintain the airway: the assistance of the medical staff to make effective coughing and deep breathing every day training 3 – 4 times to ensure airway patency.
(4) the daily care of lung cancer patients, early postoperative exercise is crucial: the first day after surgery with the assistance of another person should sit out of bed, tie a rope in the bed or sit up and bandages to help patients move in bed, activities gradually increased until no amount of help to others, it may take a few days.
Lung cancer after day care, short, under the premise of the body can tolerate to get up as early as possible sitting in a chair or get out of bed, if not get out of bed or to stay in bed should also be regular activities to prevent lower extremity lower extremity thrombosis. Deep breathing exercises to make coughed up bloody phlegm. Breathing exercises after lung resection helps clear the respiratory tract, the recovery of respiratory muscles, thus greatly reducing postoperative complications, especially the incidence of pulmonary complications. The main contents include deep-breathing training, that is as much as possible inhalation of gas; effective cough; deep breathing exercise. Movement, including muscle stretching and exercise technique to ensure the operation side of the comfortable side of the shoulder movement.
(5) the absolute smoking: avoiding the environment of microorganisms, dust and other irritating chemicals exposure.
(6) medication: restoration has been taking the drug before surgery and may be ordered by your doctor after taking the drug.
(7) diet and fluid replacement: back to ward after 4 – hours after the oral water, 1 – 2 days to resume normal diet, intravenous infusion tube, as the case to retain a few days until normal diet, and take pain medications in the meta when removed.
(8) Pain: anesthetic so that pain, there will be some discomfort and pain after surgery, pain medication by injection, epidural, or to control the way to give good pain relief exercises can help patients with respiratory function, lung functional recovery and the recovery of motor function.
(9) of oxygen: Yuan tracheal intubation after operation for some time may need oxygen masks, the time varies depending on individual circumstances.
(10) Incision: lung cancer after day care, the traditional thoracotomy incision is longer, from the midline to the ipsilateral shoulder and collarbone inside the liver, the present respected modified small incision thoracotomy, 7 — 10 days after the suture.

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