Treatment of patients with pancreatic cancer ascites

By | December 27, 2011

Pancreatic cancer patients with ascites should consider the following cases:
abdominal tumor spread;
extensive infiltration of tumor lymphatic drainage lead to disruption;
cachexia when hypoproteinemia.
The development of pancreatic cancer from pancreatic ascites is one of the late performance. If found in ascites tumor cells, will contribute to the tumor diagnosis of peritoneal metastasis.Treatment of patients with pancreatic ascites, abdominal distension when large amount of ascites, poor appetite, scanty urine and other symptoms. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the treatment causes the formation of ascites, but also to minimize the patient's symptoms and pain, as the existing treatments are less effective against advanced pancreatic cancer, so the latter is more important, the "temporary."
Treatment of patients with pancreatic ascites, pancreatic ascites can be taken to eliminate systemic chemotherapy, intraperitoneal chemotherapy or biological therapies, such as Li Bai class, high-poly staphylococcin, IL, at present, the ongoing gene therapy clinical trials. Hypoproteinemia should also be corrected to maintain water and electrolyte balance, diuretic. If the patient can not tolerate abdominal distention, may be appropriate to release ascites. Considered difficult to control ascites, such as short-term, can set a small shunt (such as deep venous catheter use) continued to limit drainage to alleviate pain. Others also consider traditional Chinese medicine, diet, etc., but the effects are imprecise.
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