Certificate of cervical cancer and the treatment of acute and

By | April 30, 2012

And permit acute and cervical cancer treatment. (1) vaginal bleeding: cancer further development, may lead to local bleeding, manifested as large amounts of vaginal bleeding. Deficiency who are not solid, with Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang and small business carbon, donkey-hide gelatin, the Senate Panax, purple grass; Yin Huo-wang, who is with the Hangzhou white peony, Treats, donkey-hide gelatin, Sunburn turtle, Sunburn turtle shell, lotus required , Chun root bark, Oujie charcoal, Eclipta, Burnet, plus Yunnanbaiyao 0.5g, 3 times a day, swallow. Or by prescription: ginseng, gelatin, Tian notoginseng, Burnet carbon, self, and, Agrimony, Shuijianbi day one.
(2) Pain: mostly advanced disease, tumor invasion, pelvic and surrounding tissues due to oppression, should reconcile blood, blood stasis and students new Tongluozhitong. Commonly used painkillers are: qi pain categories: wide woody, dried tangerine peel, peel, fennel, Yuan Hu, August Sapporo, Magnolia, Citrus aurantium, aggregata, Toosendan, Corydalis, Bupleurum and so on. Blood stasis and pain categories: Wulingzhi, Puhuang, red peony root, peach kernel, Chuanxiong, saffron, turmeric, frankincense, myrrh, poppy, Angelica tail and so on. Fire with fire pain categories: Strychnos, Oncorhynchus, Scorpion, keep house, centipede, toad venom, Garcinia, Hook, musk, periwinkle, Lycoris, garlic, realgar, Taurus into the earth, look for bone wind, celandine , cocklebur grass, wild Ai, Angelica, Xu Changqing, geese are not grazing, Ivy, for wood, honeycomb, pearl vegetables, cycads. Can be selected on the basis of differentiation.
(3) urine dripping: ureteral compression or infiltration bladder tumor, manifested as poor dripping urine, pain or tingling, or astringent, or clip a blood clot, often accompanied by abdominal pain. Cooling can be used to stop bleeding, diuresis Tonglin law, parties Treated with thistle Yinzi; if the kidney, could add with Anemarrhena, Cork, plantain, Achyranthes to heat and nourishing yin, and plus Rhizoma Imperatae , Eclipta prostrata, Callicarpa grass, gelatin and other bleeding nourishing.
Certificate of cervical cancer and the treatment of acute and, (4) stool difficulties: the infiltration of pelvic cancer, intestinal pressure due. Can be expressed as constipation or bloody mucus stool. Zheng Jian constipation, tenesmus, bloody mucus, embryo Week pain, bulge discomfort. To heat purging fire, blood stasis and detoxification methods, side by pock marks of blood under the benevolence Pill side addition and subtraction; clear who, if yin deficiency heat, add the optional Anemarrhena, Cork, Scrophulariaceae, raw land, raw Radix, Achyranthes, peach kernel , Pulsatilla and so on.

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