Chinese medicine treatment of cervical cancer

By | April 30, 2012

Chinese medicine treatment of cervical cancer in cervical cancer treatment, Chinese medicine has played a good role, especially for the more early stage patients, such as the Three Grades of guns in early cervical cancer treatment. Women's Health Hospital of Jiangxi Province summary treatment of cervical cancer 60 cases, all can be cured recently. 5 cases were cured after the surgery recently validated by the sub-row biopsy showed no residual cancer were followed up for 3 years, 42 patients survived five years, 15 cases survived. Chinese medicine in chronic cervicitis, the treatment of precancerous lesions has its advantages, such as Liu's and other reports, the "Three Grades of a gun," the treatment of chronic cervicitis, cervical precancerous lesions and early cervical cancer, with satisfactory results. In the fight against the toxicity of radiation therapy to reduce complications of treatment, also played a role.
Chinese medicine treatment of cervical cancer to the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine prescription syndrome or advanced cervical cancer, have a certain effect. Such as Wang will , N of cervical cancer patients were divided into liver Qi stagnation, blood stasis junction heat toxin, liver-kidney, heart and spleen deficiency type, respectively, Dan plate Xiaoyaosan, detoxification Huayu Recipe, The solid heat soup, spleen Decoction treatment for one month, medication after 1 to 3 courses, 42 patients, 17 cases of clinical markedly effective in 20 cases, ineffective in 5 cases, total effective rate was 88% . Ding and other services within and outside the method of combining, oral administration of "poison blood resuscitation soup," a dose of daily oral administration; external "ferulic plot of cream" topical affected area, a week dressing was changed, used in conjunction 5_7 weeks; the entire course of treatment for about 2 months, treatment 34 cases II, , N of patients, the results of clinical cure in 24 cases, markedly effective in 5 cases, improved in 3 cases, 2 cases, total effective rate was 94.1%.
Chinese medicine treatment of cervical cancer, in coordination with the radiation treatment, Shi Chong's office to astringent, blood stasis and students new law, in order to qi and nourishing yin Pang, Chen Qi photo such as the use of blood, detoxification and Removing all be good effect. Joe's and other reports, Manan Zi Su has a radiosensitizing effect. Chinese medicine in the treatment of cervical cancer, especially for the treatment of early stage cervical cancer, has obtained good effect. Advantages of Chinese medicine treatment of play to further improve the formulation, clinical research to improve scientific, normative, will play a cervical cancer prevention in a more proactive role.

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