Cancer surgery

By | March 29, 2012

Surgery is the first method of treatment of cancer, nearly 200 years of history, and remains the most commonly used cancer treatment, is the most effective means to treat cancer.
Surgical treatment of cancer dates back to the early 19th century, the first surgery was in 1809, by Ephraim medowell surgery for ovarian cancer. 1878, Richard VonTolkmann had cancer surgery. 1890, Halsted successfully carried out in breast cancer radical operation. In 1904, Hugh H Yong had radical prostatectomy. In 1908, Miles had abdominal perineal resection of rectal cancer surgery. 1913, Franz Torek had thoracic esophageal cancer surgery. In 1935, Whipple resection for duodenal membrane. Soil can be seen in the second half of the 20th century have laid the basis for various surgical. In this process, the basic principles of cancer surgery has been established, these principles include the principles of radical and non-tumor operation principles.
Surgical treatment of cancer, people began to think that cancer is a localized disease, it is envisaged to achieve through the curative resection of cancer lesions to expand the purpose. This requires not only radical surgery to remove the tumor itself, but should include a range of tumor surrounding normal tissue and lymphatic drainage area. For example, gastric cancer, including radical surgery not only requires tumor 5 cm from the excision of the normal range, and should be carried out, including retinal tissue, lymph node dissection around the stomach before being called such radical surgery. Radical principle is the most important principle of cancer surgery, in the absence of specific treatment circumstances, surgical resection is the treatment of solid tumors the most effective means, the principle still applies.
Surgical treatment of cancer, another important principle is the principle of non-tumor operation, because the cancer cells as "seed", the body is suitable for the growth of these seeds soil, cancer cells in the human body "putting down roots." Cancer metastasis is a common transfer method, in particular, there is growing risk factors, if not standard operating procedure, not only fail to therapeutic purposes, and may cause the spread of cancer cells, it is commonly referred to as an operation will cancer "cut fly" is the truth. Therefore, following the principles of tumor-free operation is essential for cancer surgery.
Tumor-free operation that is not exposed the tumor, including surgery does not directly touch the tumor; surgery to avoid compression of the tumor; the tumor, the first will deal with the tumor blood vessels to prevent cancer metastasis by the blood during surgery; for had serosal invasion of cancer, the tumors were wrapped; surgery washed with distilled water to remove museum may come off the cancer cells in the abdominal cavity. So far these principles in the treatment of cancer surgeon is still the basic principles that must be followed.

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