The five principles of the treatment of cancer pain

By | March 29, 2012

The five principles of the treatment of cancer pain, a three-tiered program

Five principles of cancer pain treatment, three step program 1. Administered by step means the degree of pain selected from weak to strong pain medication order. The pain is divided into mild, moderate and severe degrees of pain for three different levels, medication is different. For mild pain, use of non-simplified anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesic drugs because of the weak, for the treatment of mild pain; If a patient with this type of drug efficacy is not satisfactory, can be added with some supplementary analgesics. Patients had moderate pain, medication, pain intensity to the severity with the upgrade can be applied to the weak opioid analgesics, these drugs can often be satisfied with moderate pain control, and support can also use the drug combination.
The five principles of treatment of cancer pain, a three-tiered program, when the patient had severe pain, extreme pain, quality of life severely affected, you can use the strongest pain medications, which is strong opioid analgesics, pain intensity of its analgesics is the most advanced. Of course, if the analgesic effect are still not satisfied, can also be combined application of non-simplified anti-inflammatory drugs or aided drug to solve the problem of pain. The different degrees of pain, pain intensity, respectively, using different drug treatment programs, the World Health Organization called the three step analgesic treatment. If the application of this program completely correct the treatment of pain, most patients can get good pain control.
The five principles of treatment of cancer pain, a three-tiered program 2. Oral pain medication in the drug applications, as oral administration. Oral medication has the following advantages:
(1) comply with the body's own absorption of way: due to cancer itself is a chronic disease, the majority of merger pain is long-standing, require the application of drugs to control the long term, to facilitate long-term oral administration of medication.
(2) is very convenient oral administration: infusion, injection of the class methods will give the patient discomfort, particularly long-term medication. Oral administration without using any medical device, fully completed by the patients themselves. Tablets can carry, does not affect the patient's daily life, work, travel and other activities. Cheaper price than the injection of oral pills, is a very economical delivery method.
(3) drug absorbed into the bloodstream throughout the body after the play: it will be a certain blood concentration, the concentration from low to high gradually reached a peak, then gradually decreased as the concentration of excretion. Right in under the guidance of medical personnel, oral medication is very safe.

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