Cancer pathways

By | March 29, 2012

The major route for cancer spread into the conduct through the following way: the lymph node metastasis, hematogenous metastasis, planting of the transfer. Between the three ways is the cross-cutting, overlapping carried out.
Cancer pathways 1. Lymphatic metastasis of cancer cells along the lymphatic drainage of the transfer channels, which is the most common cancer, the transfer method. Lymph circulation of blood in the process of penetration into extravascular fluid, these fluids through the lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes by the lymphatic system back into the composition of the blood. Lymph return to a part of the body in accordance with certain order, so that lymph node metastasis of cancer and will have a certain order. In most cases is in accordance with the first leg of the second leg the third leg of the order. There are exceptions of course, is to skip metastasis, the cancer does not appear in the first leg of hope No case of metastasis of lymph nodes, a second station or directly to the third leg of lymph node metastasis.
Cancer pathways 2. Hematogenous metastasis is cancer into the blood, as blood circulation to transfer. Blood can be recycled into any part of the body, so theoretically, cancer can be transferred to any part of the body, but in fact it seems to have a certain degree of selective transfer, the most common sites of metastasis are liver, lung, bone, followed by the adrenal , beans and brain. This may be similar to the relationship between seed and soil, clean apricot seeds only in the presence of water, fertilizer, light and other conditions of the soil to grow, in Article II does not have the corresponding element in soil is the growth. Cancer cell growth only in some of the most suitable environment in order to form metastases.
Cancer pathways 3. Seeding transfer is pulp, pelvic organ cancer in the primary site to grow after the loss in the abdominal or pelvic cancer within the pelvic and abdominal cavity caused by the transfer of other dirty surfaces, such as lung cancer pleural planting metastasis, ovarian metastasis of gastric cancer.

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