And permit treatment of leukemia patients

By | April 22, 2012

And permit the treatment of leukemia patients, (1) fever: Acute fever are exogenous leukemia evil, cult poison made within the three factors with the endogenous Xure. For heat treatment of the first to recognize the cause, visit syndromes, to distinguish between primary and secondary, comprehensive treatment to be able to get better effect.
exogenous evil: many feel the wind and heat, hot evil, evil, or feel cold, people inside of heat. Usually manifested sudden onset of fever, accompanied by whole body pain, sore throat, cough, expectoration and so on. When the temperature is above 38. 5 C, the evolution of the disease, the principal contradiction, can be based on traditional Chinese medicine "radical then treat the" principle, the use of Xin Liang Xie table method, the choice of Yinqiaosan, Sang Ju Yin, Kudzu Jie Ji Treating soup; when the body temperature at 37. 5 C-38. 5 C, when the primary disease in the Differential Treatment based on the use heat relieving drugs, such as honeysuckle, forsythia, Bupleurum, consistent public, mint and so on.
cult poison the hair: no obvious exogenous symptoms, more common in stage of disease progression. Hot thirst for the strong performance of large sweating, sweating understand, inexpensive bad throat, skin HEALTH: m swollen, dry stool, red yellow urine, red tongue yellow, loud pulse. At this time body temperature up to 39 C or more, has been a marked evolution of disease is the principal contradiction, should first symptoms, with the detoxification method. Optional Qingwen Baidu drink, HJD, Lifeline disinfection drink, drink flavors disinfection, West Yellow Pill.
And permit the treatment of leukemia patients, and Hot endogenous: Xure endogenous diseases prevalent in the early recovery phase or after treatment, the main clinical to low heat, body temperature does not exceed 38. 5 C. Xure in the heat can be divided into yin and Qi heat two. Clinical manifestations of Yin afternoon heat, hot flashes, heart or hand, foot and hot, thirsty do not want to drinking water. To lay off Xure for the law, should use moss turtle shell decoction, or in syndrome differentiation based on the use Digupi, Jing Qing, silver Bupleurum, turtle shell, etc.; Qi clinical manifestations of fever irregular fever, accompanied by significant body tired fatigue, palpitations shortness of breath, spontaneous perspiration and other evil wind. Expelling Bu Zhong Yi Qi, sweet warm addition to heat, should use Bu Zhong Yi Qi Decoction, or syndrome differentiation based on the use Huang, Codonopsis, Atractylodes and so on.
(2) Bleeding: Bleeding is the development of acute leukemia can be expected in the clinical phenomenon. See the skin marks minor hemorrhagic spot, marks the point; heavier see nasal resistance, tooth resistance; In severe cases, see hemoptysis, hematuria, blood in the stool, menorrhagia; Worse still see the intracranial hemorrhage and distributed to them bleeding. Main causes of bleeding caused Qi, blood heat, blood marks three.
gas is not taken blood: Clinical seen significant deficiency syndrome, slow bleeding, bleeding to a lesser extent, when light weight, lower bits of body-based, common lower extremity marks spot, mark points, menorrhagia, blood in the stool, blood in urine so, color pink. Should be taken by Qi and Blood, when the bleeding as the main performance, should use the spleen Decoction, or syndrome differentiation based on the use madder, Agrimony, such as convergence of hemostatic blood over charcoal; have Qi sinking, menstrual too many persons, mainly in the treatment of bleeding while adding Bupleurum, cohosh and other drugs to enhance yang.
blood heat Wang Xing: blood heat Wang Xing more acute bleeding, bleeding more severe, often half of the body parts of the main color red, see nasal resistance, resistance gear, conjunctival hemorrhage, hemoptysis, hematemesis and so on. Blood heat Wang Xing two pathological mechanisms occur, one is due to excess heat (hot) to force the blood Wang Xing, Yang heat clinical syndrome was significantly more common in bleeding accompanied by high fever, thirst, sweating, then dried, urine and so on. At this point, bleeding may be increased as the disease, the main contradiction is to be advised when the bleeding with heat and cooling blood method. Optional heat Huang decoction; second and Hot (Yin heat) leads to blood heat Wang Xing, see the obvious clinical deficiency heat syndromes. Yin Qingreliangxue treatment should be in the syndrome differentiation based on the use Biota orientalis, Sophora japonica L., Lithospermum, big medicine, small business, self-cooling and other hemostatic Chine.
marks of blood bleeding: bleeding rapidly, bleeding volume, bleeding site wide, and often both blood clots and so on. See also the whole body a large plaque marks or patterns in deep bruising, severe vomiting, a lot of blood in the stool and so on. Bleeding mechanism in parentheses marks of blood stasis of blood, the blood does not follow through on. Bleeding often occurs in the blood marks the critical stage of disease, the condition dangerous, high mortality, therefore, stop the bleeding as the first rule should be blood to stop bleeding. Four things can be used to pick the red decoction can also be based on the Differential Treatment to Injection 80mg Chuan Qiong repetitious or Danshen injection 40ml 5% glucose 500ml of intravenous injection.
And permit the treatment of leukemia patients, (3) stroke (meningeal leukemia acetabulum): stroke as acute leukemia or following the onset of common cards and certificates. Meninges mainly due to cancer cell invasion. The development of the disease process or treatment, see a headache, dizziness, neck pain, blurred vision and other clinical manifestations, could in syndrome differentiation based on the use chrysanthemum, bladder, cabbage Li, silkworm, Uncaria, dragon teeth, etc. ; saw limb paralysis, coma and other symptoms, or tics, should Angongniuhuang fed to first aid, or Qingkailing Injection 40ml 5% glucose 500ml of intravenous injection; also Xingnaojing 40ml in 5 % glucose in the intravenous injection 500ml.

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