And permit the treatment of lymphoma

By | April 22, 2012

And permit the treatment of patients with lymphoma, (1) fever: exogenous evil: Multi-resistance in sputum marks on the basis of mutual feelings of evils. Expressed as a sudden fever, accompanied by whole body pain, sore throat, cough, expectoration and so on. Clinical, when the temperature is above 38. 5 C or more, for the disease, the main contradiction in the process of evolution, can be based on traditional Chinese medicine "radical then treat the" principle, the use of Xin Liang Xie table method, the choice of Yinqiaosan, Sang Ju Yin, Gegen Jie Ji Tang and other addition and subtraction; when the body temperature at 37.5 C -38. 5 C, when the primary disease in the Differential Treatment based on the use heat relieving drugs.
cult poison the hair: Results of sputum is often caused by the qi, more common in lymphomas serious deterioration of the stage, the clinical manifestations of strong heat, thirst, large sweating, sweating understand, inexpensive bad throat, swollen skin raw 1P, dry stools , red yellow urine, red tongue yellow, loud pulse. At this time body temperature up to 39 C or more, has been a marked evolution of disease is the principal contradiction, should first symptoms, with the detoxification method. Optional Qingwen Baidu drink, HJD, Lifeline disinfection drink, drink flavors disinfection, West Yellow Pill.
endogenous Xure: Xure endogenous diseases prevalent in the early recovery phase or after treatment, the main clinical to low heat, body temperature does not exceed 38.5 C. Xure in the heat can be divided into yin and Qi heat two. The main clinical manifestations Yin afternoon heat, hot flashes, heart or hand, foot and hot, thirsty do not want to drinking water. To lay off Xure for the law, should be in the syndrome differentiation based on the use Digupi, build green, silver Bupleurum, turtle shell, etc.; Qi Yuan main clinical manifestations of fever rules fever, with obvious body tired fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath , spontaneous evil wind, pink tongue, thin white fur, weak pulse and so on. Expelling Bu Zhong Yi Qi, sweet warm addition to heat, should be in the syndrome differentiation based on the use sight, Codonopsis, Huang Jing, heterophylla and so on.
(2) weight loss: weight loss and more by the duration of the course of time, blood Hao Shang, imbalance of yin and yang and the spleen and stomach, poor appetite, water, grain refined material can not caused by absorption and utilization. See early course of weight loss, late see off the emergence of large muscle cachexia. If you see blood deficiency, could in syndrome differentiation based on the use of Qi and blood products; if see weak stomach, loss of appetite, could increase in the spleen syndrome differentiation based on the appetizer of the product.
(3) skin cancer itch: itch skin cancer more common in the deficiency of qi and blood card, Differential Treatment in the BNI based on the use of the goods; body itch mostly found in advanced disease cancer, blood virtual pole in the dialectic based on the differentiation of Health intravenous injection, or both oral supplement gelatin plasma, each 10, 3 times a day.
And permit the treatment of patients with lymphoma, (4) pain: can pain pathogenesis, syndrome differentiation in the Yuan Hu were selected on the basis of, aggregata, Asarum, Ephedra, aconite, nux vomica,) 1 / bend) 1 / Melia child and other painkillers.

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