What is the effect of tumor oxygen

By | October 22, 2011

"Tumor oxygen effect" refers to the oxygen in the rays and the role of organisms in the role, and its mechanism is still not completely clear. Experimental results show that tumor oxygen effect, as in the case of anaerobic organisms, the relative sensitivity is 1, with the sensitivity of the oxygen concentration increased gradually increase up to 3 times the oxygen.
In tumor tissues, tumor oxygen effect, due to the presence of hypoxic cells, which was significantly lower than normal tissue radiosensitivity. This will influence the efficacy of radiation oncology is a major obstacle. Anemia, inflammation, bleeding and other cases, the tumor cells increased in hypoxia, it will significantly reduce the efficacy of radiation therapy. So whether it is esophageal cancer or other malignancies, the radiation treatment, we must first rectify these associated symptoms, and then further radiotherapy.

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