What is a tumor radiosensitizer

By | October 22, 2011

Tumor radiosensitizer and radiotherapy is a type of application, can increase the radiation sensitivity of tumor chemicals. For example, Gly double lag rates (cancer min), many clinical data have demonstrated. Addition of the drug can significantly reduce the side effects for patients undergoing radiotherapy, especially in the digestive tract and nervous system toxicity, and to some extent, can prevent radiation decreased the patient's white blood cells and platelets, thus ensuring the smooth progress of radiotherapy. Tumor radiosensitizer, now that the smooth pliers, a little homes and so on fluorouracil also sensitizing effect of radiation in the same radiotherapy treatment 1-2 times per week, increase efficacy, but also increase the side effects of radiotherapy, and therefore special observe the changes in blood, preferably twice a week for testing, identify problems and timely treatment.
Tumor radiosensitizer, the study found that many herbs have a two-way adjustment, as the horse business sub-prime, Brucea javanica, promoting blood circulation of drugs and other marks, are both on tumor radiosensitization, but also some protection normal tissue.

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