Diet to prevent complications after gastric

By | October 22, 2011

Post-operative patients with gastric cancer reasonable meal system and way of eating the right equipment can prevent the occurrence of the weighing platform and disease.
diet to prevent complications after gastric Eat small meals: Eat small meals often declared in patients with subtotal daily meal 6 – 7 times, regular meals can be quantitatively Rene is not empty do not, you can gradually adapt to the digestion of residual risk function, Eat small meals often in patients after resection of gastric cancer should be an important drinking system.
Gastric surgery to prevent complications rare eating dry food : To make the food stays in the mine when the leap extension V, when the meal than eat dry food, no water, you can eat 30 minutes after Yang drink to avoid food is quickly into the small intestine, and can slowly through the small intestine, and to promote further absorption of food.
prevention of complications after gastric restriction carbohydrate diet intake: prevention dumping syndrome.
Prevention of complications after gastric gradual increase in food intake and eating food kiss scales Category: Patients should flow after food, semi-liquid food was gradually changed Chin ~ ordinary diet food and eating habits of patients increased according to pattern, improve the patient's appetite, the young rehabilitation of patients.

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