What are people susceptible to cancer

By | April 4, 2012

What are people susceptible to cancer: U.S. scientists allergy survey of nearly 4 million people, found that the drug or chemical reagents such as people with allergies more likely than those without a history of cancer, allergies. If allergy risk of female breast cancer 30% higher than normal, a history of allergy risk of men suffering from prostate cancer 41% higher than normal.
Although those who often stays up late pathogenesis of cancer has not yet completely clear, but one thing can be sure that poor sleep is a risk factor. In normal cells because cancer cells are mutations in the fission process in the formation, and cell fission night is the most productive period, sleep well, the body is difficult to control cells mutate and become cancerous. Who is refreshing and stay up all night smoking, drinking coffee, but also make more invasive in vivo carcinogens.
Columbia University obesity research data shows that obese women the risk of colon cancer than women twice as high. American Cancer Center report, above the waist especially obese women suffering from breast cancer were more likely to be higher than the normal 4 to 6 times.
What are people susceptible to cancer: vitamin deficiency Swiss experts believe that the protective body susceptible to cancer, people with low vitamin. Such as vitamin A deficiency increases the risk of gastric cancer 3.5-fold increased risk of suffering other cancers more than doubled; vitamin C deficiency suffering from bladder cancer, esophageal cancer, tripled the risk of adrenal cancer; in vitamin E deficiency in the population, lip cancer, oral cancer, pharyngeal cancer, skin cancer, cervical cancer, stomach cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and other disease rates increased.
Low cholesterol cause coronary heart disease are high cholesterol or stroke, many people hatred to reduce it and then security. In fact, cholesterol is an essential human nutrient, is one of force against the disease, not the lower the better. British researchers reported that middle-aged women is an important risk factor for death is the cholesterol is too low, particularly less than 5 mmol per liter of blood when the greatest risk.
What are people susceptible to cancer: Changyin hot tea by medical research found that regular consumption of high-temperature (80 above) tea could burn the esophagus, while the tannins in tea can be deposited at the injury site, continue to stimulate esophageal epithelial cells, so that The mutation, and immediately after mutant cells proliferate into cancer.
Hypertension more than 30 million men the U.S. clinical studies have shown that cancer patients with hypertension incidence and mortality rate more than twice the normal blood pressure, and predicted the next 10 years, cancer mortality may be directly proportional to blood pressure . Does not mean that hypertension directly causes cancer, but the occurrence of two diseases have some common mechanism, such as obesity, alcohol, too much salt can make blood pressure, etc., can trigger cancer.
Will hold in urine of it there is a human carcinogen, would infringe on the bladder muscle fibers, trigger cancer. Experts claim it is one hour urination; stool more harmful substances, such as indole, hydrogen sulfide, rotten elements and other carcinogens bake often stimulate the intestinal mucosa may lead to cancer. Therefore, the move to prevent regular bowel movements a day.
What are people susceptible to cancer: those who refuse to drink yogurt, yogurt contains high activity of lactic acid bacteria and Streptococcus thermophilus can reduce the body's absorption of fat. Daily consumption of yogurt, can increase the number of immune globulin to improve the nutritional level of the body so the body's immune function is enhanced, thereby reducing the incidence of breast cancer.
A blood type, according to cancer experts, surveys, blood and cancer have a certain relationship. A type of blood cancer, most likely, O-type blood, the smallest risk of cancer.
C-type character, this character is characterized by excessive restraint themselves, suppress their own grief, anger, depression emotion, not to their release. Malignant emotions will lead to long-term effect on the brain, endocrine disorders, reduced immune function, thus giving an opportunity to exploit cancer. English medical experts Cancer (cancer), the first letter C name for this character, called C-type character. Survey data show, C-type character who cancer risk higher than the average person more than 3 times.
What are people susceptible to cancer: too much animal fat side carnivore but the mastermind of some cancers induced. Harvard University experts found that daily to pigs, cattle, sheep and other meat-eating women, the proportion of colorectal cancer patients per month than those who ate meat a few times 2.5 times higher. The Japanese daily fat intake than the current 50 years increased by 4 times, accompanied by an increase in the incidence of cancer.

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